Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
26 November, 08:30
Europe questions Biden administration’s Ukraine war-profiteering, gas, and greenie energy policies
Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
24 November, 01:53
Germany is blocking a reduction in energy prices. Where are all the fighters for European values?
riccherda Mont @riccherda
23 November, 12:50
What is the Forecast Market Value for Global Organic Acids Market?
Organic acids market is expected to grow with a growth rate of 5.89% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. Increase in demand for convenience foods and technology, as well as the production of organic acids from renewable energy sources is one of the factors contributing to the market growth in the forecast period of 2020- 2027.

 Global Global Organic Acids Market Definition
Organic acid is a type of organic compact that usually contains acids. Organic acids are used in variety of applications such as bakery, milk, animal feed, beverages and medicines. These are more beneficial for bacterial control during production of industrial feed in comparison to the antibiotic
Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
21 November, 03:59 (E)
On Top of Record Inflation and Energy Shortages, Germany is Now Looking at Meat Shortages Thanks to Government Regulations
Matt Shea @MattShea
16 November, 09:10
Today, about one hundred Russian missiles have been fired into Ukraine. Officials in Ukraine have stated that most of these were targeting energy facilities, and that over a dozen cities were targeted in the strikes.
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 November, 02:15
The #sun beats down on the #SaharaDesert for most of the year!
#ENVIRONMENT - Massive #Undersea #power To Provide Energy From #egypt To All Over #europe https://www.trueactivist.c...
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
09 November, 03:10
Alfred Johnston @Alfred7116
08 November, 12:06
Twellit Admin @admin
07 November, 06:45
Basement Biden Promises ‘No More Drilling’ And To Close All Coal Energy Plants.
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
07 November, 06:01
Trump: US failing as nation

Ex-United States President Donald Trump underscored at a rally that the country is now in a decline and is a "failing nation" because "we have the worst president in history."

Trump emphasized that the US also lost its energy independence, ending its "oil exploration and production in the United States just as the prices reached an all-time high." Concluding his speech, he stressed that the Republican Party will "not let this horror continue" and "will make America great again."

#FreeSpeech #politics #independence #freehome #God #family
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
01 November, 04:44
John F. Kerry Calls For Trillions To Be Taken From Retirement Funds To Support #energy “Transitions” In Other Countries
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
26 October, 07:49
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
26 October, 07:11
Putin’s Energy War Against Europe, Explained
Putin’s Energy War Against Europe, Explained - YouTube

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karen maquias @kiki
26 October, 06:23
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
26 October, 02:56
🇷🇺 Putin: Potential for world conflict remains very high

Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) said Wednesday that the potential for conflict in the world and the region "remains very high." During the event, Putin took the opportunity to point out that the government knew about Ukraine's plans to use a "dirty bomb." Finally, and about the Ukraine crisis, the Russian president added that the world is becoming multipolar and affirmed that the pan-European energy network had been destroyed after the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

𝖠̶𝗇̶ 𝗂̶𝗇̶𝗏̶𝖾̶𝗌̶𝗍̶𝗂̶𝗀̶𝖺̶𝗍̶𝗂̶𝗏̶𝖾̶ 𝗃̶𝗈̶𝗎̶𝗋̶𝗇̶𝖺̶𝗅̶𝗂̶𝗌̶𝗍̶

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