Aussie PM ( Scott Morrison) Willing to Hand Over Control to WHO

Mary Holland: WHO is planned to become the center of the NWO

#agenda21 #NWO #who #WEF #world -Goverence #GoyimWillOwnNothing #CONvid
#Internationalism #centralisation #Jewish -Power #dictorship #2030 #Plandemic

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

What happens if God doesnt show up between 2030-2050

Are christians going to continue being weak subverted puppets and get mass slaughted by Drones, UN army, Muslims, Chinese or Blacks or IDF

As we creep closer to World Dictorship/NWO

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

CT/ERIC - Society Foundation used to be based off:-
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic Protectionism
* Ethnic Tradationalism
* Patriarchy
* Free Market Captialism
* National Currency based on hours without Usery

What will Christianity + Church + Christians do to prevent World Dictorship happening in 2030 ?
If anything at all based sitting on your arse + praying

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

170 nations GOVERMENTS signed
Agenda 21 2020-2030 in 1991

170 of the uniparty occuption system
all agreed to form a single World Dictorship

Tax cattle never got to vote, choose or was asked
Statism is slavery
Taxation is theif
Abortion is mass murder
Multiculturalism is population replacement

What are Christians + church going to do ?
Sit back +pray for jesus to fly down to snap hi

Malcolm Roberts - PHON - Our parliaments should be serving the people -

Goverment Represents
- Anti White
- Anti Nation
- Israel
- Zionism
- White Genocide
- UN,WHO,G20
- Central Banks
- Corporations
- Agenda 21 - NWO/World Dictorship

#Plandemic #UN #agenda21 #bigphama #Jab #posion #brainwash #goverment #taxcattle #people #australia #flu

Our parliaments should be serving the people. - YouTube

This week, we heard Labor raise the issue that “Mr Morrison is considered to be “the Prime Minister for Morrison and no one else.”While that is increasingly ...

In response MAGA Hangout to his Publication

You cant have a World Dictorship with goyim tax cattle able to do

Free Market Captialism
Critical Thinking
Ethno Centric
Available knowledge/information/both sides of debate
Self Defense
Able to build weapons with raw materials
Sound Money for trade/barter/food/resources/working

NWO/Agenda21/World Dictorship - 1981-1991-2031

Goverment is slavery

Plandemic of 2020-2040 continues to a
rtifcally create the Economy Collapse to "justify"
the Economy Reset and New World Dictorship

- NZ CONVID Plandemic Lies
Don't Talk To Those Neighbors!

#Plandemic #NZ #agenda21 #Event201 #Scamdemic #UN #who #bigphama #DEPOPULATION

Military Deployed To NSW to support the Police
#australia #NSW
Police State , Dictorship , Authorianism , Plandemic , Agenda 21, State Force , Mass Jabs , Gun Voilence

In response Kathy Dest to her Publication

Its been exposed that double jab doesnt stop you getting infected

PCR test isnt to be used

Posion is inside the jab

Polticans and goverment lie

Convid Plandemic, hoaxdown and goverment force is to create the economy collapse to warrant the excuse for the World Economy Reset to bring about 2030 / Agenda 21 / World Dictorship

Goverment never represents the nation or people

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