THE Dictatorship is Upon YOU – DO SOMETHING!

SUMMARY: Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now Dementia Biden’s Brown Shirts/Gestapo FBI raided President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago Florida under the pretense of looking for classified documents that every modern President has taken from the White House… My fellow Americans, the Dem-Marxist dictatorship is upon you! Think about it. This is the same FBI that manufactured data leading to multiple impeachments by slim Dem-Marxist majorities … WATCH & READ:

Trudeau Joins Dictators Mao, Stalin In Attack On Food Production


Climate Dictatorship! WEF/UN Coup in FULL SWING: Biden Announces Plan to Seize Control of All US Energy Supplies!


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Dem-Marxist Dictatorship Before Election 2022?

It is apparent the Dem-Marxists are intent to transform the America of the Founding Fathers into the odd totalitarian mixture that is WEF One-World Order. Apparently to make this happen Biden's Puppeteers are working on a Martial Law Dictatorship for the USA. READ ABOUT IT:

THE #AlexJones SHOW LIVE: Deep State Democrats Caught Red-Handed Inserting Martial Law & Presidential Dictatorship Law into 2023 NDAA


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Culture, Economy: Trudeau Prepares Canada For Transfer To Dictatorship

#Pennsylvania #Communist Antichrist Dictator Tom "the Big Bad Wolf" vetoes bills on #Transgender #athletes in school sports, poll watchers - #ArrestTomWolf - The Big Bad Wolf warned he would strike down the bill to prohibit trans athletes from playing sports that align with their gender identity.

Gun control is an anti-American culture brought on by slave-like immigrants from Asian shithole-countries.

In Asia, people are banned from owning guns because owning guns is a privilege for governments and triads. Sadly, Gun Right has never been a right for Asian people.

That’s why most of the Asian countries are dictatorships! No wonder that “No guns, no freedom”. No doubt, tyranny and criminal activity have always been rife in Asia.

What kind of culture deserves what kind of country. America is not Asia! American people are not sheeple!

Gun Right (which means the right to keep and bear arms) in the Bill of Rights is not only a fundamental freedom, but also the foundation of all rights. No matter what happens, we still need Gun Right to protect the rest

#NewYorkState Fascist Communist Dictator #KathyHochul signs #Antigun Pretend Law requiring buyers to provide #SocialMedia handles - #NewYork , when are you going to LAWFULLY remove this Satanic #tyrant from Office and Prosecute her for Capital #Treason !?

⚔️ Medical Dictatorship: Their Gender War

A new generation of kids is learning the value of liberty in a satirical book highlighting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial tendencies.

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