Statist is the enemy to freedom , knowledge, truth & speech. its all based on lies, decption, control, authoranism and weath redistrubution

No freedom exists while we have
- UN Agenda 21 - 2030 - NWO
- International Federal Goverence
- UN + WHO + G20 + WEF
- Taxation, Income tax, GST/VAT + overseas aid
- IMF + World Central bank + Usery
- Multi culturalism, Liberalism, Diversity, Equalit

If people cant talk about
- Race & Gender & Region
- Corruption , Lies, decption
- Historial events

Along with naming the Choosen Parasite that controls our nations from the shadows, pulling the puppets strings

Then you dont support
Unristricted Free Speech

Your a gate keeper of knowledge, truth, facts, evidence

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