Health chief: Monkeypox driven by gay bars, saunas, dating apps

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Johnny Depp bombshell: Insults to Elon Musk and Amber Heard

This is why men are walking away from Dating, marriage and women

#MGTOW #dating #Whores #AWALT #female -Nature #simps #Johnny -Deep #corrupt -courts

'2000 Mules' investigator: Georgia officials intimidating my witnesses

TENETS OF LEYKIS 101 For Red Pill/MGTOW Men who have the most realistic outlook on the relationship scene.
This is only the first few of Tom Leykis rules for dating, but you’ll figure the rest out from here

NATO pins nuclear plans on F-35 💵
Samizdat (RT)
NATO planners are updating the US “nuclear sharing” program to account for most European allies planning to buy F-35 joint strike fighter jets, the alliance’s director of nuclear policy said this week. Lockheed Martin’s fifth-generation fighter has been embraced by multiple US allies, including most recently Germany, despite the Pentagon’s own misgivings about the program. ➤

Extraordinarily heavy rains have created emergencies in east Australia, rapidly inundating bridges and roads, then slowly receding.

Rand Paul Vows To “Force A Repeal Of The Federal Regulation Mandating Masks”

Women: You Will Get Old and Men Will Lose Interest

Hitting the Wall
Over 35
Human Traits
Single Women
Sexual Marketplace

Not Wanting to Date Women Over 35 is “Ageism”

World Plandemic , Jab posion and Lockdown fucks over millions
- wamans most effected

#ALLWOMEN #femalenature #thewall #35 #AWALT #DNA #Bilogical #female #dating #modernliberaldemoracy #kosher

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