A Dangerous Child's Video Game That Is Causing Kids To "Hug"...Is Becoming Popular on Playgrounds, “sharp teeth leave you bloody … hug me till you die.” #HuggyWuggy #corruption #ChildGrooming #PublicSchool #homeschool #VideoGames https://magabook.com/posts/374598

FBI Whistleblower Exposes MASSIVE Political Corruption Inside Agency 👇🏼👇🏼


MORE Ukraine Corruption By Democrats and Establishment Republicans Revealed
Ukraine Was a Swamp Cash Cow


The FBI – The Dem’s Gestapo Machine

Included in this cross post is a Bitchute version of the Project Veritas interview, A Bongino Show on the FBI corruption and as a bonus a NWO Report pick up of Jonathon Moseley exposing LYING Leftist Fact Checkers who criticize 2000 Mules data. WATCH & READ: https://bit.ly/3NbucUJ

Constant Influence by the West. To corrupt the East.
Putin doesn't want liberal nor Homos nor West leaning Commies to influence Russian's and nor does the Russian Catholic Church. Evil influence at work.
Corruption from the Corrupted WEST.

Corrupted Nation & Child Grooming

SUMMARY: Here are a couple of cross posts…
POST #1 : Dr. Robert Malone writes about “The Corruption of our Nation.”
POST #2 : Robinson interviews Malkin on the LGBTQ+ movement grooming children into pedophilia/same-sex lifestyles… READ & WATCH: https://bit.ly/3OwQmCl

GOP Sen Says Lib Media Using Watergate Tactic with Hunter Biden's Laptop to Hide Real 'Corruption' https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/gop-sen-says-lib-media-using-watergate-tactic-hunters-bidens-laptop-hide-real-corruption/

Cawthorn DOES need to give details about the corruption he has witnessed firsthand in D.C. but what this news item also contains is how Roger Stone came to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Election Corruption is a Shredded Constitution

Emerald Robinson speaks of Fox News election corruption on her Substack website. Then as a bonus I share Parts One & Two of Rudy Giuliani interviewing John Solomon on the exposed election crimes… WATCH: https://bit.ly/37jaoiA

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