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18 May, 01:12
Massachusetts Convention of States is reporting this morning that H3660 has been passed out of the 2nd committee it has faced; a 2nd blue state breakthrough! AMAZING!! The "Committee reported that the matter be placed on the Orders of the Day for the next sitting." The "next sitting" is today & tomorrow. The resolution MAY be up for full house floor vote in the day or 2. PLEASE sign the petition if you haven't. If you live in MA, PLEASE call or write your representative NOW in favor of H3660! Don't stand on the sidelines while history passes you by; make history! #endgovernmentoverreach #conventionofstates #COSaction
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
13 May, 07:47
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
31 March, 07:14
The Trojan Horse Of #conventionofstates Is Trying To Advance & Undermine The #CONSTITUTION (Video) https://thewashingtonstand...
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04 March, 07:14
WV just passed to become state number 18! Way-2-go, WVCOS! 18 states down, 16 to go! We the People are the solution to the Washington DC (D)/(R) Swamp problem. #conventionofstates #COSaction #COS2024 #saveourrepublic #SelfGovern https://conventionofstates...
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24 February, 06:05
The DC swamp is the problem. We the People are solution. We cannot be bought or sold. "Convention of States (COS) movement gains momentum" #SaveOurRepublic #ConventionOfStates #SelfGovern 
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12 February, 05:56
Convention of States Maps (2) as of 12 February 2022. #conventionofstates https://www.conventionofst...
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12 February, 04:10
Understand how amazing this is. A committee made up of 14 Democrats and 3 Republicans sent this out of committee and to the legislative floor for debate. This demonstrates that this is a nonpartisan issue, that reasonable, centrist individuals comprise the majority of the committee and that, when presented with overwhelming evidence in favor of calling for a Constitutional Article V Convention of States debating a predetermined set of Amendments limiting the power and reach of the federal government in light of the unprecedented events of the past few years, said reasonable individuals agreed with MA COS. Also, Massachusetts State Representative Steven Xiarhos rocks. https://conventionofstates...
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09 February, 02:20
​BLUE STATE BREAKTHROUGH! Massachusetts becomes the first "blue state" in the union to pass a Convention of States resolution out of committee! Follow the link below for an article about this historic success story. Meanwhile, nationally, 17 states down, 17 to go!​

#Momentum #Snowball #HalfWayThere #SaveTheConstitution #SaveOurFreedoms #saveourrepublic #SelfGovern #conventionofstates

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28 January, 07:41
Breaking News from Convention of States, a nonpartisan, Constitution-oriented, quintessentially American organization.

On Friday the Nebraska legislature passed the Convention of States Resolution, putting us halfway to the required 34 states needed to call the convention. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in our favor: 32 YAYS, 11 NAYS.


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28 January, 03:09
It's easy to kneel when you stand for nothing. That about sums it up. No government should ever bow down like this for any reason, certainly not an American government. This bunch of corrupt---often lifetime---politicians are a waste of space; they have GOT to go. #EndTeflonForDems #OutlawTheDNC #EqualUnderTheLaw #DoNotElectRINOs #SelfGovern #ConventionOfStates #LegalRetribution #Reckoning #TheBellTollsForThee
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26 January, 04:36
BREAKING: Wisconsin has officially become the sixteenth state to pass the COS Resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States!

Sign the petition today to help your state get there if it has not gotten there already.
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24 January, 02:44
Wanting less government is now an extremist ideology the FBI is monitoring
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11 January, 04:48
A Pandemic of Mass Formation Psychosis | Ep. 92 - YouTube

Twitter, Reuters, and the Associated Press can deny it all they want, but we are all victims of mass formation psychosis. Using an unbelievable tweet thread,...

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10 January, 06:19
News: the MA chapter of conventionofstates(dot)com testified before the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs of the MA State Legislature on January 7, 2022, calling for "Yes" vote for a Constitutional Article V Convention of States. Using the Constitution to save the Constitution is ALWAYS a good idea. This is a bipartisan effort. Fears of a runaway convention are totally unfounded; listen to the entire testimony. Please join America's organization today at www(dot)conventionofstates(dot)com. Thank you. #conventionofstates #COS #COSaction
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20 November, 05:03

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