In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Why protect anyone that isnt a Straight White American

Non whites dont belong in White Nations

They have their own ethnic homeland

Jews have control of white nations, goverment , policy, media and news
and what do christians do


you sit back and wait for Agenda 21, 2030, NWO to roll out and seem to embrace the Western destruction and white genocide to happen

Or are all the christian organised churchs compliance with this direction

WHAT THE PUCK? China Ambassador Appears on Jumbotron At Washington Capitals Game...China-Controlled Propaganda Network Gives Plush Toys To Fans...Capitals Mascot Tossed Chinese Souvenirs Into Crowd

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

All "Mainstream' news is

Goverment Controlled
Goverment filtered

No one reports the full unbias facual truth

Even most of 'alt news' is a false hopium

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

FoxNews, 0ANN, Newsmax are all
Controlled opposition

Refuse to name the Jew
Refuse to reject Multiculturalism
Refuse to reject White genocide and white replacement

No real solution exists with them

Dutch foreign minister accused of supporting Hamas

Sigrid Kaag's ministries are refusing to account for funds transferred to Palestinian NGOs, including those operating out of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

The bottom of that page reads

Are Democrats tearing America apart?

The Real question should be :

Is International Equality Liberal Uniparty Democracy
controlled by Jews and Israel destroying America deliberately to achieve White Genocide and World Jewery domination

If Christianity doesnt support

* Statless Society
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic protectionism
* Patroracy
* Captialism without Statism/Corporations
* Localism + Community
* Phsyical Community Currency based on hours
* Small Business + Small Farming + Small Prodction

Then how is it any different from the current
International Equality Statist Authoranism uniparty system
which goals are Western Destruction and White genocide ?

#christianity #Uniparty #goverence
#kosher #Civnat #Internationalism #Goyim #control #brainwashing #weathredistrubution #ZOG #zionism #Jews #Israel #complance #Obey #Comply #dieforisrael

Tyrannis Mors [Tyranny is Death]

Here Justin shares how the Senate Filibuster managed to survive yet another Dem-Marxist attack throwing at least a temporary monkey wrench in the Dem-Marxist power-control grab by Federalizing America’s election process to ensure continued ELECTION FRAUD on a national basis. Dem-Marxists Lie:
#TyrannyIsDeath #FreedomToCheatAct

Kamala Harris Embarrasses Herself During Damage Control Interview On NBC

West Australia to introduce strictest rules for unvaccinated

UNjabbed vs Jabbed
no state services vs State controlled services



Remember its not 'discrimation' when its against
Working Class
Small Business

Look who created the Libertarian moverment

This is why we will never have 'small goverment'

Because they are ANOTHER controlled opposition group
to keep goyim locked into the statist system

#Libertarian #statism #Uniparty #fruad #control #controlled -opposition #taxation #brainwashed #Goyim

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