#wethepeople MUST if you want to save this nation, CAN NOT IGNORE #fchucktodd , #David Muir, #pbs , #CBS , #abc #CNN #MSNBC & the Controlled Opposition of the Right #jasonmiller of #GETTR & #andrewtorba of #Gab #SonlifeBroadcasting etc. THEY ALL MUST BE DEALT WITH LAWFULLY and #constitutionally ! THEY ARE NOT GOING AWAY, they are part of the Government Media Complex and the CIA Controlled Mockingbird Media - you better get a grip on this NOW, they fully intend to take us down literally! me and a very few can not do it all, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO LAWFULLY DEAL WITH THESE Fascists Nazis Communists like F. Chuck Todd (F. Spelled "eff" ) - #wakeupamerica

Highest NY Court Rules Democrats Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered New Congressional Map via@WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal.com/ap-new-york-court-rejects-congressional-maps-drawn-democrats/

Facebook's global daily active users declined from the previous quarter for the first time, to 1.929 billion from 1.930 billion. People can come up with any excuses that they want, but 20% is quite a drop in value, and it's no mystery that when Facebook members have to go to alternative social media platforms to have their constitutionally protected free speech right; Frankly, I'm surprised that Facebook didn't drop 90%.

#Facebook #Meta #MarkZuckerberg #Censorship #FreeSpeech

But while Biden acts unconstitutionally, Trump refuses vaccine-free patriots in his own restaurant in New York. Sounds like 2 heads of the same monster to me, playing us all for fools. Asking for any vaccine proof is totally a violation of medical privacy laws, and discriminating against race, gender, or medical statue, is also unconstitutional, as is forcing medical treatments, including vaccines, on anyone.
1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/9lrbQQKz8kH8/
2. https://newtube.app/user/RenaudBe/LmANE6M

#SupremeCourtCovid #BidenCovid #SupremeCourtBiden #COVID #CovidVaccine #Coronavirus

Most people can't see that Afghanistan is a distraction to take people's eyes off the audits and the patriots who are still being persecuted unlawfully and unconstitutionally, political prisoners.. In the mean while Scumbag Joe is on vacation, eating ice cream and giving short speeches on mandated JABS and masks and not once mentioning anything about Afghanistan.


Biden's Putrid Pennsylvania Performance (7/14/21)The Newsmax Daily with Rob Carson

- Special Guest: Asra Nomani talks to Rob about the battle against CRT at America's number one rated high school, and how Libs are now discriminating against asian kids

- Newsmax speaks with PA Senator Doug Mastriano about his launch of the AZ-style forensic audit in his state and how he was constitutionally

Trevor Loudon on Patriot Radio with me a few moments ago agreed. "We are going to see more riots and false flags over the summer." He went on to say that we need to build a nation within a nation through the states constitutionally to resist this marxist revolution and preserve the Republic." #Stand

Liberals Reject God; Instead Worship Themselves With Their All Their Hope In Government.
Results, US Federal Government is unConstitutionally too big. This massive bureaucracy and current progressive overreach is causing the problems our country is dealing with. #VOTERED22

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