Anne Marie Waters SHUTS DOWN ((( For Britain ))) [2017-2022] (Mark Collett / PA)

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While Britain Has Been Rocked By Controversies Over The Dangerous Promotion Of Gender Reassignment To Minors—without Taking Responsibility For The Long-term Consequences Of This Trend—Scotland Has Chosen To Distinguish Itself From Its Closest Neighbour By Speeding Up Reforms In Favour Of Transgender People.

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Let the scum eat that junk themselves. Hope they stay in it!

The World Economic Forum wants you to eat bread with crushed insects

The Finnish food manufacturer Fazer makes bread from crickets. Each loaf contains 70 crushed insects, three percent of the total weight. Those crickets come from the Netherlands, by the way. In Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Great Britain, among others, insects are allowed in food.

The World Economic Forum wants you to eat cricket bread. The crickets make the bread 'a good source of protein', the organization states in a video . In the future, we may all eat a lot more insects. They need much less food than animals. In addition, they take up much less space, according to the WEF.

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🇬🇧 British Warships Could Be Sent In To Protect Freighters Carrying Crucial Ukrainian Grain And Break Putin's Blockade Of Black Sea Ports That Is Threatening To Cause A World Food Crisis. |

IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds
(Norwegian , Denmark, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia)

* Race Mixing

* Weakness , Censorship , Complacency, Modern , Centralized, Dependency

* Polluted Air , Polluted Water, Polluted Food, Polluted Soil ,

* Polluted Education, Polluted Culture, Polluted Minds

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Among the many anti-Jewish laws that had once been in place in Britain centuries ago, Jews were forced to wear an identifying badge; something that turned out to be nothing unique with the Nazis who would force Jews throughout Europe to do the same thing centuries after Britain repealed their anti-Semitic laws.

West wants Ukraine to continue to fight and, wear out exhaust the Russian army and the Russian military industrial complex. ⮯

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Moscow says it CAN strike military sites in Britain and other NATO countries and may target our diplomats in Kyiv with 'retaliatory strikes' after UK minister's 'provocative' backing for Ukraine bombing Russia |

I don’t know what it is like in Britain as far as a free press goes, but here in America, because our Constitution protects the freedom of the press, telling lies because the government told you to is no excuse. We live in a nation in which any media outlet or SM platform can tell any governing official demanding that they lie to their audience to go screw themselves.

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