In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

All "Mainstream' news is

Goverment Controlled
Goverment filtered

No one reports the full unbias facual truth

Even most of 'alt news' is a false hopium

If Christianity doesnt support

* Statless Society
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic protectionism
* Patroracy
* Captialism without Statism/Corporations
* Localism + Community
* Phsyical Community Currency based on hours
* Small Business + Small Farming + Small Prodction

Then how is it any different from the current
International Equality Statist Authoranism uniparty system
which goals are Western Destruction and White genocide ?

#christianity #Uniparty #goverence
#kosher #Civnat #Internationalism #Goyim #control #brainwashing #weathredistrubution #ZOG #zionism #Jews #Israel #complance #Obey #Comply #dieforisrael

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Feminism, Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism , neo conservitism , Neo Liberalism , Woke, CRT is all

Anti White

Pushed and funded and created by Jews/Zionists/Kikes

Weapon against Whites and Western Kind

Is a tool to destory , depopulate and ruin
White Nations
White Society
White Values
White Population

no one in the uniparty farse stands for
working class

We are all tax cattle to fund our own destruction, brainwashing and 'progress' to 2030

Controlled by a Brainwashing Psychosis

SUMMARY: Dr. Robert Malone was on a Joe Rogan podcast I believe circa 1/1/22 discussing “Mass Formation Psychosis”. … Cross post includes the podcast; an analysis video & 3 web-posts exploring brainwashing & censorship:
#MassBrainwashing #ControlByPsychosis

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Still under the brainwashing concept that voting actually does anything for working class, tax cattle and white americans

In response Dawn4USA to her Publication

The US used to be #1 in the World in Education.
What happened?
The Democrats took over the Public Education System and turned into a world-wide Political and Marxism Indoctrination and Brainwashing Industry and yes, we taxpayers pay for that. 😰

SUMMARY: Here are some selected cross posts related to the Dem-Marxist/Globalist brainwashing promotion of the COVID Jab idiocy. I pray the Americans falling for lying science WAKE-UP! … Vids AND MORE:

Liberal Teachers Brag About Brainwashing Students

Polticans are selected by the puppet masters

If voting worked for the people they would outlaw it

* Statism is slavery
* Taxation is theif
* Welfare + overseas aid is socialism
* Media/News are brainwashing
* History, news, education and knowledge is controlled so tax cattle are not free and reject the control systems in place

#statism #goverment #tax #weflare #wealthredistrubution

In response Dawn4USA to her Publication

Is it the "liberal' media
or the JEWISH media
which is a propaganda brainwashing method to enslave goyim to statism

Science Lie Brainwashing

It’s time for some COVID & Jab truth that the Globalist-controlled science and Dem-Marxists probably will tell you not to believe what see but only believe what We-The-Tyrants tell you:

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