FEMIN$TA$I, LE$BIANS And Others BrainFILTHIED by the communists can still “choose” to not ride the cock carousel, thus acting like real women who think, instead of emoting.

Global Depression Screening Market grow at a CAGR of 5.11% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028.

Global Depression Screening Market Scope and Market Size

Depression screening market is segmented on the basis of disease type, diagnosis, treatment and end user.

· On the basis of disease type, the depression screening market is segmented into anxiety, mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders and others.

· Based on diagnosis, the depression screening market is segmented into psychological test, lab tests, depression screening tests and others.

· On the basis of treatment, the depression screening market is segmented into medication, brain-stimulation treatments and deep brain stimulation.


Weight Management Market To Make Great Impact In Near Future by 2030

Semaglutide Pills Hold Promising Potentials in Weight Management During COVID-19

Weight management during the COVID-19 pandemic is being linked to reduce the impact of the novel infection in high-risk patients. Manufacturers in the weight management market are capitalizing on the demand for weight loss pills, which are capable of hijacking the body’s own appetite by regulating the system in the brain, resulting in reduced hunger and calories intake.

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The University College London (UCL) researchers are participating in clinical trials with thousands of volunteers from across countries t

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Kongress (NOT #Congress - they are a joke! #PeppermintPatty has lots more brains & Intelligence than mot these Spawns of #Satan !)
Introduces Ridiculous 1,000% #tax On #AR15s – Our Forefathers Would Have Been Up In Arms By Now! (By the Way, why hasn't most of #wethepeople said a word!?) #wakeupamerica - https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/congress-introduces-ridiculous-1000-tax-on-ar-15s-our-forefathers-would-have-been-up-in-arms-by-now/

Biden Pro-LGBTQ EO Appears as Antichrist-like Move AGAINST Christians

The Dem-Marxist Biden Administration has gone full Antichrist mode to protect LGBTQ brainwashing from Christian & Conservative criticism with an Executive Order. READ ABOUT IT: https://bit.ly/3zOHLq0

LGBTQ Child Brainwashing Exposed

An MTG Live video from 6/15 displays how the Left is publicly brainwashing adults and – GOD HELP US – children to embrace the God-condemned LGBTQ lifestyle... AND MORE: https://bit.ly/3zHTAhq

#WEF’s Top 10 Scary Ideas — And How They Could Affect Your Future

HE IS A FRAUD! #ElonMusk’s company #neuralink involves a surgically implanted #microchip that’s connected to your brain and synced with #AI , with the goal of one day allowing humans to control artificial limbs or even engage in telepathy. (Musk type of #Antichrist !)


Believe Actual Science NOT Tainted Globalist Science

SUMMARY: This post is related to actual science as opposed to the increasingly obvious harmful science emanating from … 6 Cross Posts with articles & videos full of actual science contradicting BRAINWASHING science. You might want to bookmark to return a few times to digest the information. GO HERE TO BEGIN: https://bit.ly/3zHgsO6
#BelieveActualScience #RejectManipulatedScience

I have no respect for Trump because he wasn't strong to do the right thing by conceding to Biden. Trump said that he will NEVER concede to Biden. Trump is a coward! He wasn't strong. He was weak! He didn't keep his promises! Trump is a con artist & a fraud in so many ways. I hope he NEVER gets back into the White House again. Trump is a disgrace & embarrassment to America. It's a shame! If he kept his promises by draining the swamp we wouldn't have to deal with Biden as president & other corrupt people in D.C.. You guys Trump was a swamp creature himself! All you Trump supporters, keep drinking the Kool-Aid folks! You guys are brainwashed!

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Biden Caught in Yet Another Verbal Brain Freeze Before Boarding Air Force One


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