US Media Straw Man: Russia Claims Ukraine Biolabs Created ‘Mutant’ Super Soldiers

☣️☣️☣️ Pentagon Quietly Admits Funding 46 Biolabs In Ukraine After Months of Dismissing Russian Allegations As Propaganda

One America News Network: Pearson Sharp reports “Funding Ukrainian Biolabs Researching Covid-19” (8:18) Published May 27, 2022 Note: “As Democrats and Republicans push for a war against Russia, questions are being raised about the true purpose of the conflict in Ukraine. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.”

The Odor of Treason

SUMMARY: Biolabs in Ukraine -ENTER Hunter laptops showing a probable treasonous Biden Crime Syndicate. The info in the cross posts suggest a Biden Family treason for personal gain. … LOTS MORE TO READ:

Russian Ministry of Defense: Hunter Biden, George Soros, Pentagon & CDC Involved In Ukrainian Biolabs

… AND Especially MSM Lies

Today’s cross posts focus on MSM bait-n-switch – aka LYING… Dem-Marxist Double-Think on Zelenskyy. Bongino on Ukraine-Biden & son scandal. And yes, DoD funded Ukraine Biolabs. … READ & WATCH:

Yup, Biolabs in Ukraine

SUMMARY: … If YOU believe there is truth telling on U.S. managed and/or operated Ukrainian biolabs from government and MSM sources; chances are high YOU are believing a lie. READ & WATCH:

Emergency UN Security Council Meeting: Russia Isn’t The Only Country Worried About US-Funded Biolabs


SUMMARY: It is my estimation both President Zelenskyy & Putin are both scoundrels in relation to America’s heritage of Founding Documents … Here are some cross posts SHOWING my distrust of Zelenskyy & probable American-managed biolabs – the posts & videos not mired by Dem-Marxist & MSM lies:
#1WorldZelenskyy #USbiolabsUkraine

Russia, China, Brazil, India Call for Investigation Into US Biolabs in Ukraine Representing About Half of the World’s Population

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