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And supposedly a big Green Guru. Where the heck do they think all these dead batteries are going to end up and where do they get power to charge these batteries up? On antiquated power grids that can't even keep up with the population growth. I could go on and

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Oh, I'm certain it's all done purposely. Joe's in China's back pocket & is handing this nation over to them, slowly but surely. China now owns more of the U.S. than the U.S. does, & it's only going to get worse. Biden's an official Chinese operative, handing Afghanistan over to China to mine the country for its lithium resources. Lithium is necessary for batteries...for electric vehicles....

Total fuel consumption of U.S. airlines is approximately 19 billion gallons annually.
Total fuel consumption for mining Ore for construction of electric car batteries is approximately 21 billion gallons annually.
The 21 billion gallons of fuel burned can only produce enough Ore to build 250,000 electric car batteries.
The lifespan of an electric battery is 10 years and is not renewable. By 205

WAIT - Do they sell electricity in a bottle and have read the batteries are nearly as expensive as the car. lol

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