In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Is it MAGA or MIGA

Why would any RATIONAL LOGICAL clear thinking person choose to support
"right wing'
"left wing"
Trump, Boris , Biden
Israel First
Bioterrorism Plandemic
Agenda 21
International Equality Authorianism

In trumps own words on record:
Trump: "Israel had such power, and rightfully, over Congress!"

More Inclusive Supportive and Equitable 'schools" - Chicago Schools Making Children's Bathrooms Open to All

If you dont support Trans, Gay, Diversity and International Equitable Authorianism
then your AUTOMATICALLY A bigot whitey/christian/parrent

#Chicago #bigot #transfobe #diversity #inclusion #Equitable #agenda21 #2030 #NWO

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

You and others keep on blaming Ethnic Nationalism & Soclailism

Yet you refuse to admit that all goverments are socialism by having state force, taxation, welfare, overseas aid and weath redisturubution

All goverments are Authorianism

All goverments are slavery

Also when are you finally ready to call out Israel, Jews and Zionism

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

At what point do
Tax cattle

Finally reject
Anti Nation
Anti Truth
Wealth redistrubution
Anti Western Society

I consider ALL goverment , authorianism and slavery

Licenses is paying for freedoms we should universally have

Its all part of the Green Climate cult to go along with Agenda 21

Statism and Authorianism is all based on Egalitarianism

Egalitarianism is Equal Outcome, Equal Results
while denying the reality of differences in
Race , IQ, Gender and Culture

All White Nations are lead by
* Zionist Loyalist
* Race Traitors
* Anti Whites
* International Egalitarianism Authorianism
* Corrupt, illmoral, evil , subverting, scum

They are all onboard with
* White Genocide
* Mass Murder of babies
* White Population Replacement
* Theif + Wealth redistrubution
* Slavery of tax cattle

All Goverments are slavery - Left + Centre + Right

Military Deployed To NSW to support the Police
#australia #NSW
Police State , Dictorship , Authorianism , Plandemic , Agenda 21, State Force , Mass Jabs , Gun Voilence


Peacefull Self Segeration

Peacefull Self Seperation

Peacefull Self Sucession

No more Federal Goverment
No more Central banks
No more equality (Equal outcome)

No more International Authorianism
No more UN/WHO/G7/WEF
No more Corporations

We accept the TRUTH that we are all different
We have different values
We have different qualities

Politicians Demands Vaccine Passports To Control The Unvaccinated (RANT) - YouTube

#AusPOL #Passports #HeiseSaysSouth Australian Politician Frank Pangolla is demanding vaccine passports to control and restrict the unvaccinated. "Papers Plea...

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