Novak Djokovic leaves Australia after court ruling to deport him , more details :

West Australia to introduce strictest rules for unvaccinated

UNjabbed vs Jabbed
no state services vs State controlled services



Remember its not 'discrimation' when its against
Working Class
Small Business

Update On Australia’s COVID Tyranny: Will Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Be Competing In The Australian Open?

HILARIOUS - Australian Premier Uses Aboriginal Translator To Translate English Into… Worse English
Australia - D.O.J. 🤔🤨

Australian Citizen Standing Up Against - Covid Marshals - YouTube

Covid Marshals - They have no heart!!John8:

I went walkies for buying meat

* Aldi - Plenty - Snags, Mince, Chickens , Ham , Bacon
* Coles - Chicken (hot and cold), Ham , Bacon , no mince, no snags
* Woolies - No Mince, No Snags, No Cold Chicken, Ham, Bacon

#walkies #Food #shopping #Brisbane #qld #australia

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