In response Twellit Admin to his Publication

Gday Eric , Twellit and Americans

White Nations have become majority NON WHITE
and multi racial and occupied by a forien sate

Are we really 'united "
Are we truly free
Does Democracy, Liberalism and Conservatism actually work

If you want the truth look into

- World Jewery, Israel, Zionism
- Agenda 21 , 2030, NWO
- Davos , WEF, Great Reset
- Plandemic, Digital Currency
- Belt Road , Paneuroasian Empire - RU/Israel/China
- Central banking cartel, fiat currency, IMF,usury

Or keep on being a weak civnat locked into the left vs right uni-party fraud

Let me know when you want real knowledge/information and solutions

African, Asian Migrants Entering EU Amid Ukraine Refugee Flows

30 Minute Ramen, Low-Carb & Keto | Black Tie Kitchen

#Ramen #low -carb #keto #asian #Food

30 Minute Ramen, Low-Carb & Keto | Black Tie Kitchen - YouTube

The delicious Japanese soup is something to be enjoyed to it's fullest. However, the instant ramen packets are not a good representation of the classic ramen...

@EricThompson @ChristianTalk @TTOR @Republic4nPower

Video - Brendon O'Connell Video 111 - Russia & China Embrace & The Pan Eurasian Super State Takes Shape


#Greater -Israel #PanEurasian #belt -Road #Israel #Russia #China
#Sustainable -Development #NWO #2030 #TALPIOT #agenda21 #itsthejews

111. Russia & China Embrace, The Pan Eurasian Super State Takes Shape - YouTube

NOTE: This video was on my Patreon on Feb 8, 2022. As we see Putin invade Ukraine, remember, the sanctions will force him to forge a powerful alliance with t...

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Belt Road Israel > Russia > China

Follow the Money
Its the Jews

Jews will throw USA/West/EU under the bus during 2030 and create a new pan euroasian superstate

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