Germany: Man Killed During Dispute Between Father, Son and Armed 'Foreigners' at Fair

Shock Video: Jewelry Store Employees Fight Off Armed Smash-and-Grab Thieves

Armed Feds Pay a Visit: Amish Farmer Faces Hundreds of Thousands in Fines via@WestJournalism

France: Groups of Armed ‘Africans’ Battle Each Other Then Attack Police


Kyiv, Ukraine - Russian soldiers shot two unarmed civilians as they walked away after an encounter in the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

CNN has obtained surveillance video of what is now being investigated as a war crime by Ukrainian prosecutors.
Both civilians died after the heartless shooting that goes against the so-called rules of war that outlaw the targeting of civilians. CNN has identified the victims. One was the owner of the vehicle dealership that was looted, whose family does not want to be named. The other was Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats, a 68-year-old grandfather who worked as a guard there.


Shocking Moment Two Gunmen Dressed In Black And Armed With Assault Rifles Ambush And Kill Another Man At A Philadelphia Gas Station In Brazen Broad Daylight Attack

Good. May the rest of our armed forces follow suit and restore honor and dignity to our armed forces as well as set their sights on military preparedness and combat readiness and no politically correct crap or woke garbage.

'Savage Horde' of Knife-wielding Youths Storm French Restaurant After Dispute With Owner

💥 Shock Video: Gun Battle at Smoke Shop as Guard Draws on Armed Robbers

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Armed Man Arrested for Ambushing Chappelle Dropped a Rap Track About Him

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