Open Borders for Israel

Israel has not learnt to be Multi Cultural mode

We need more 'diversity' in Israel - Chinese, Arabs, Blacks, Indians

Diversity is {{{ OUR }}} Strength
its a good thing

#Israel #open -borders #Multicultural -mode #diversity #race #race -mixing

Hi all - Is this true????
[Hi-tech Discrimination Against Arabs]

Ari Bussel shared an email with which I had to do a little deciphering to understand the chain of who sent what.

Apparently a Pablo Nankin, MD sent a link to Ari Bussel and Zvi Raviv to an article whining about discrimination conducted by Jews in Israel against Arab-Israelis, Arabs living Judea-Samaria and among the Arab denizens (er I mean citizens) living under Palestinian Authority rule. Ari sets the record straight opposing the blatant propaganda in HAARETZ. Refuting the Left:

Why should Whites and White Nations be forced to

and put up with Non white people in our nation

Especially when our White Nation is run by people that
Hate White People
Hate White Society
Hate White Values
Hate White Nationalism

Which are loyal to Israel , Jews, Zionism , Judaism
Which want White Genocide, White Replacement,Whites to be REPLACED by Non Whites

When have blacks come together as a group to

Build a Black Town
Build a Black Community
Build a Black Farm
Build a Black School
Build a Black Bank
without Grants, handouts or gov help

Fuck black people
Go back to Africa

It was Jews, Muslims Arabs and White Kike Traitors that bought you to white nations

White Grandmother Has Arm Literally RIPPED OFF by Black Teens, {Mainstream Media} is Silent
(Vince James) {odysee}

#anti -White #unprovoked #race #identity #nationalism #separation #Segregation #didnuffin

- White only Community
- White only streets
- White only village/towns
- Self Segregation
- Self Separation
- self Succession

No niggas
No Arabs
No Chinese
No Jews
No druggos
No Welfare
No Gays
No Corporations
No Central banks
= Zero to Almost no crime

Open Borders for Israel
- Israel needs more Blacks, Indians, Chinese and Arabs
- Its {{{ racist }}} to have a single race limited to a country,
- Multi racialism is a {{{ strength }}}

#Neo -Liberalism #Democracy #Feminism #diversity
#lgbt #trans #multiculturalism
#race #Nation #Country #identity
#Palestine #Israel #zionism #Jews #judaism

Group of 30ish year old arab men riding electric scooters at 11pm at night
on an St Kilda Road (60kmn zone) in Multi cultural Diverse Melbourne City in Australia
Comes across a pissed off car that serves at them that picked up some woman

#diversity #Women #arabs #scooter #Melbourne #StKilda #60km

Scooter riders run for their lives as a driver tries to mow them down on St Kilda Road | 7NEWS - YouTube

A speeding driver out for revenge has attempted to run down four e-scooter riders in a shock case of road rage on St Kilda Road. They were forced to run for ...

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

@EricThompson @ChristianTalk @TTOR
Do you actually want REAL SOLUTIONS

Or are you going to keep going with International equality, Agenda 21,White Genocide & Zionist occupation of our nations

If you want real solutions

of education back to


Not the STATE
Not the ones that HATE whites, freedom +truth
Not the ones that want to destroy, control, kill & brainwash

* Home + Community Schooling
* Localism
* Community

Let me know when Christians are finally willing to stand up for their principles, values and moral standards and setup a
* Christian Community/Town/Village
& district for Christians only

Without Chinese,Mexicans,Arabs, Jews, Agenda21, UN, Corporations

How many 1000's and millions of WHITE Children, women and men are rapped, assaulted, stabbed, killed and
blown up because of Blacks, Jews and Muslim Arabs till we finally say :-


* Access to Whitey is not a universal human right
* White Nations for White Race
- Reject Multi Racialism, Diversity , Liberalism, Neo conservationism, Open Borders, Migration (illegal + legal)
- Repeal hart Celler act, bring back the WHITE ONLY POLICY

* No White Guilt
* No White Blame
* No White Shame

Whites for White Nations
Asians for Asian Nations
White Americans for America
Japanese for Japan
Chinese for China
Indians for India
Africans for Africa
Russia for Russians

#whitelivesmatter #White #Nation #culture #race #identity

Who are Americans ?

White Americans

We've Reached the End of White 'Christian' America

Can you America without White Americans ?
Can you have England without White English ?

Can you have Africa without Africans ?
Can you have India without Indians ?
Can you have Japan without Japanese ?
Can you have China without Chinese ?
Can you have Israel without Jews ?

#race #identity #nationalism #America
#White #japanese #indians #Chinese
#Hart -Cellar-Act #multi -racialism #Liberalism #Neo -conservatism

We've Reached the End of White Christian America - YouTube

The United States is no longer a majority white, Christian country, and that is already beginning to have profound social and political implications. At 45 p...

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