Though the extinct T. Rex being a conglomeration of fossils belonging several different dinosaurs is most unlikely, discoveries of specimens practically identical to T. Rex have no doubt been propagated by the scientific community as being unique discoveries different from the T. Rex (i.e. Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus) when in all actuality they were just more fossils of a T. Rex or a variant thereof.

It is likely no different with a lot of other trumpeted fossil discoveries which have turned out to be practically nothing more than fossils of previously discovered extinct animals.

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Despite Zero Complaints, #Amish Farmer Fined $250,000, Facing Jail & Shut Down For Humanely Raising #animals - MUST READ ARTICLE -

Video - #Bible #BibleStudy - Bryan Osborne - Answers In #Genesis Session 1- Do #animals Evolve

Gracepoint Church- Answers In Genesis Session 1- Do Animals Evolve - YouTube

Answers in Genesis ConferenceSession 1"Do Animals Evolve"For more information visit the website of Answers in Genesis at www.answersingenesis.orgThis is the ...

If your stupid enough to believe the vaccine is safe for your kids from Pfizer Then you better listen to this from the Senate Committee on state affairs hearing!
Pfizer Stopped Testing their COVID Vaccine on Animals Because they Kept Dying.

Orwell put it best “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.”

January 6th ‘Violent Terrorist Insurrection’ and
2020 ‘Summer of Love’ Compared

According to the research report “Global Animal Feed Market Outlook, 2027" published by Actual Market Research, the demand of animal based feed products or meat based products is gaining importance among animal feed market because they are very effectively essential in providing animals complete source of protein with all essential amino acids, highly bioavailable iron, zinc, selenium and especially vitamin B12.

Let the scum eat that junk themselves. Hope they stay in it!

The World Economic Forum wants you to eat bread with crushed insects

The Finnish food manufacturer Fazer makes bread from crickets. Each loaf contains 70 crushed insects, three percent of the total weight. Those crickets come from the Netherlands, by the way. In Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Great Britain, among others, insects are allowed in food.

The World Economic Forum wants you to eat cricket bread. The crickets make the bread 'a good source of protein', the organization states in a video . In the future, we may all eat a lot more insects. They need much less food than animals. In addition, they take up much less space, according to the WEF.

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When I think about Cancer the worse thing for me is...that I know they have had a cure for years and let little kids, mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and even our animals die of this disease. This is pure evil ALL in the name of money & power. I pray on this Mother's Day weekend for all of those who died of this disease for nothing. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!

Zoo Claims Animals Receiving COVID Vaccine of Their Own Free Will: 'These Are Voluntary Inoculations' via@WestJournalism

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