Joseph Pittelli @jppelec
06 August, 02:00
04 July, 01:09
DID A CUCK$ervative Just Realize what his gang’s been aiding & abetting for decades?

#(((libertarian))) #wakingUpDEAD
11 June, 07:36
DID A CUCK$ervative Just Figure Out what he’s been aiding & abetting for years?

#(((libertarian))) #wakingUpDEAD
Justin Derby @TTOR
27 January, 01:03
Gab has gone into full-blown censorship mode today against Joe Prich. They unsubbed 500 of his Gab TV Subscribers, and they've been making several of his Gab followers unfollow Joe's account, forcing them to re-follow Joe. This behavior on the part of Torba and Gab is no different than Twitter and YouTube, and I wish I could make a video about it tonight, but sadly, I am out of town until friday, so it will have to be on Friday night that I make the video. Torba and the Gab cult are making the case for us why we should be using sites like CreationSocial, Loop, and JoshWho TV.

#Gab #Censorship #joeprich #americafirst #exposed
Justin Derby @TTOR
26 January, 07:03
Here is my new video where I respond to Andrew Torba attacking his own followers after they criticized him for giving their donation money to Nick Fuentes and America First. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel and help spread the word.

#andrewtorba #Donations #nickfuentes #americafirst #exposed
23 December, 07:04
MOBOCRACY DOESN’T WORK, Because It Gives the ignorant power over the intelligent & empowers bottomfeeders, not producers and workers
#KarlMarx’sWET -DREAM #DUPEproce $$
01 November, 08:53
Trump Claims Israel “Owns” Congress… And That A Good Thing!! #americafirst
Cynthia Corulla @Sweetytweety66
18 August, 10:13
08 July, 02:52
25 June, 05:43
🇺🇸 Maj Toure On Why America Needs To Get Back To #God , Guns, And Family

#americafirst #SecondAmendment #2a
Paul Murphy @PRMurphy147
15 June, 11:10
Howdy all! Bailed on reichbook and twitter because I won't abide or tolerate #BigTech censorship or manipulation.
I'm here trying this on for size and hoping to find free speech and like minded #americafirst #MAGA #Trump supporters to brainstorm with.
Buck Fiden @TheWhitePriick
15 June, 03:51
Johnny Voogt @JohnnyV
12 June, 06:24
Johnny Voogt @JohnnyV
09 June, 11:42
nostinkinroads ... @nostinkinroads
09 March, 10:17
Trump has a plan to commandeer the GOP. Simple yet brilliant. Just take their money away.
#fightback #americafirst
Trump Calls All Patriots To DEFUND the GOP And STARVE RINOS Out of the Party!!! - YouTube

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