All the more reason to quit YouTube and Google!

One of the good alternatives from YouTube is Rumble, and for Google > DuckDuckGo.

YouTube Privacy Alert.

On YouTube (from Google), you are not anonymous when you watch videos. Your viewing habits are tracked by YouTube/Google.

Alt SSL certs -
BuyPass and ZeroSSL instead of Lets Encypt for Free cost SSL certs for wesbites

Getting ahead of the SSL cert censorship I expect in the future

#SSL #CERT #https #tech #selfhosting #linux #opensource

Is there still any doubt that public schools are nothing but Marxist/Facist/Communist indoctrination centers? DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS, there are better alternatives including home schooling. There are credible teachers forming 'home school' classes, support them and help to form like classes in your area.

We Have A Lot Of Words We'd Like To Call Joe Biden Right Now But We Are A Christian Website So Here Are Some G-Rated Alternatives

WTF are 'meaningful alternatives' send out a social worker??? Buahahaha

After Defunding the Police, Look Who is in DESPERATE Need of More Cops - YouTube

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Duckduckgo and JoshWho Search are the best alternatives to Google. Start Page isn't bad, either. Don't take Andrew Torba's advice on this kind of stuff. If Gab ever comes out with their own search engine (which they probably will) he will make sure to bash all of his competitors.

Good afternoon, Twellit. Today is a beautiful day to not only get people off the big tech plantations, but to also get them off the fake alt-tech platforms that pretend to champion freedom of speech but are in fact are run by lying grifters.

#twellit #FreeSpeech #alttech #alternatives

Back in 2019, BitChute, Gab, and Minds were the emerging platforms leading the charge against big tech censorship. Now in 2021, BitChute, Gab, and Minds are now censorious themselves, and we need alternatives to those sites as well

#alttech #Censorship #alternatives #twellit

In response Richard Redhawk to his Publication

If anyone knows of alternatives to these businesses please share,

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