karen maquias @kiki
08 December, 05:09
Kim_Osboel @Kim_Osboel
05 December, 10:37
Kim Osbøl: I Woke Up One Morning! Everything Was Fucking Gone! [04.12.2022]

With all links and info:

NOTE: So who the Fuck is Kim Osbøl from Copenhagen Denmark?

See this Compilation of 10 Music videos I made and get the Fucking answer!

I can only post on Bitchute and Telegram now...
And Why?
Because I'm a Fucking 'Conspiracy Theorist' Right!


So What is a Fucking 'Conspiracy Theorist'?

A person that research a subject and then uses Logic and Critical Thinking skills to form an Educated opinion instead of just blindly believing whatever they been told on the Radio, TV (Tell a Vision) or their 'Smart' Phone .
If you're not even willing to entertain the possibility that you have been fooled, then you are the easiest kind of person to Fool.
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
03 December, 01:35
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
01 December, 04:08
Will make for a great work environment for Bible-believing Christians and MAGA minded people who work for them.
karen maquias @kiki
30 November, 06:45
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
29 November, 09:41
Twellit Admin @admin
28 November, 01:58
Mother Hires Deprogrammer to Help Daughter ‘Unlearn’ Woke College Indoctrination.
Fred Alan Medforth @Medforth
22 November, 01:56
The Next Generation of Doctors Will Be Diverse, Woke and Incompetent
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
21 November, 06:18
Hey #Woke , where is the #GlobalWarming & #ClimateChange now?
#SouthPole Hits Record Cold November Temperatures https://dailysceptic.org/2...
Eric Thompson @EricThompson
21 November, 04:58
How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality
How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality | Dr. Yoram Hazony | #305 - YouTube

Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: https://utm.io/ueSXhDr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Yoram Hazony discuss the major problems p...

Eric Thompson @EricThompson
20 November, 01:12
USA & Europe WOKE, Steve Bannon Covers New Global Reparations.
Eric Thompson @EricThompson
19 November, 01:36
WOKE Judge Mocked For Blocking DeSantis’ ‘Stop WOKE Act’
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
18 November, 10:23
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
14 November, 02:00
Gerrit Tienkamp @gerrittienkamp
13 November, 03:41

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