Pete Buttigieg: Inflation is a wealth-redistribution opportunity!

Central Europe #poland
POLAND SUDDENLY REALIZED That It Can’t Indefinitely Fund Ukraine & Its Refugees

The Nostalgic, Neo-imperial Rush of Reconstituting the Long-lost Commonwealth Through Poland’s Recent Merger With Ukraine Into a De Facto Confederation Proved to Be Short-lived After Warsaw Suddenly Realized That It Can’t Indefinitely Fund Kiev and Its Refugees. |

“WE’RE SUCH A WEALTHY NATION!!!”~pRe$ident Macerel-$napper

Back in the REAL WORLD, Prosperity is not rocket science: Spend less than you make!

Living Paycheck to Paycheck - YouTube

Achieving Minimalism: Financial Excellence: h...

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UK is run by Anti Whites & World Jewery

The {system} wants Whites
* White Genocide
* Whites Replaced
* Whites Unhealthy
* Whites Brainwashed
* Whites Watered down, mixed , IQ lowered

Teachers telling 10 year old kids to talk to fathers about cum and penis's
State ""education"" in 2022

Keep voting GOYIM
since its worked so well for the last 5-25-55-255 years
I'm sure it will magically change the direction of World Government in 2030

#tax #voting #state #government #sheeple #education #schools
#statism #Wealth -Redistribution #Mind -Control #brainwashing

What about the wamans
Not all Niggas
ISLAM is a region of (peace)

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

@ttor @ChristianTalk @EricThompson

It seems Right Wing / Left Wing / Christianity / Neo Liberalism / Feminism / Democracy

All support the same stuff

* International Neo Liberalism
* Egalitarianism
* Statism
* Taxation + State Forced Wealth Redistribution
* Anti Self Defense
* Removing Authority from Males,Fathers,Community,Family
* Fake Currency based on DEBT & USURY
* Mass Murder via Abortion
* Pussy pass
* Multi Racialism
* Denial of differences of groups
* Censorship, Suppression of knowledge, corrupt timeline/history

KHAZARI$TOCRACY…That’s What Freaking Happened! As Kikeolatry increased and the right became more fake, you got $chkrewt and the #$INagogueOf$atan gained wealth & power
#Redi $tribution0fDEBT #BANKhazari $tocracy

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In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Take a look at the World International Authoritarians


All Jews , Kikes , Internationalists and Anti White

its all part of
Agenda 21

"Great Reset"
The new 4th industrial stage
Smart Cities

Goyim will OWN NOTHING and be HAPPY
without meat, property, wealth, freedom

Eric/Christians , go watch :

BlackRock & the Concentration of Wealth


BlackRock & Vanguard (Reloaded)

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Trump is an Israel First, Zionist Kike, Banker bought, Bigphama Pimp, Gun Grabbing, Anti Free speech traitor

No Logical Critical thinking rational person should support
or any of the selected uniparty choices

All statist puppets are actors

* Statism is slavery

* Taxation is Thief

* Abortion is Murder

* Overseas Aid, Divorce Settlement, Social programs are all forced wealth redistribution aka SOCIALISM

Most Governments are Registered CORPORATIONS

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