For the Bazillionth Time......... WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY..... WE ARE A REPUBLIC.

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Joementia Pandemic Spreads Through Democrat Party

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CDC Admits Natural Immunity Better Than Vaccine for Protection Against COVID:

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#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Children Taught To Snitch On Unvaccinated

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Aussies Form Human Chain To Fight Against Medical Tyranny

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Candidates For Congress Take A Stand Against Tyranny

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Children Continue To Be Murdered By Covid Vaccine

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Woman Who Identifies As Masked Ape Removed From Plane By Zombies

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Government Targets Innocent Americans While Ignoring Leftist Terrorism

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Jake Tapper Catches Up To Infowars More than 1 Year Later

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Persecuted Preacher Prays For America To Rise Like A Glorious Eagle

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Ethan Klein Is A Fat Piece Of Sh*t

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Arrogant Reporter Who Promoted Covid Vax Has Heart Attack On Live Tv

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - Infowars Predicted Covid Policies More Than A Decade Ago

#WarRoom HIGHLIGHTS - BBC Has Higher Ethics Standards Than Fox News

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