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Today a Major Farmer Protest against the corrupt Dutch WEF Government
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‘Eyepatch McCain!’: RINO Dan Crenshaw Heckled Over Red Flag Gun Laws & WEF Links


#WEF’s Top 10 Scary Ideas — And How They Could Affect Your Future

HE IS A FRAUD! #ElonMusk’s company #neuralink involves a surgically implanted #microchip that’s connected to your brain and synced with #AI , with the goal of one day allowing humans to control artificial limbs or even engage in telepathy. (Musk type of #Antichrist !)


Could be Time to Check Out Julie Green’s Prophetic Perspective

SUMMARY: If events in history are the product of Conspiracies labeled Theory or Reality depending on who controls the narrative, PAY ATTENTION to who is controlling the narrative TODAY!

2 MUST SEE VIDEOS: a) The Reality Behind Conspiracy Theories… b) Epoch TV (via Bitchute) - Top 9 Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the WEF: https://rb.gy/q2w90l

The WEF is hoping you WON'T notice what they are doing after Davos


The WEF is hoping you WON'T notice what they are doing after Davos | Redacted with Clayton Morris - YouTube

The World Economic Forum is hoping you won't notice how they're consolidating power, taking over the money supply, and hoarding enormous amounts of gold and ...

The Top 10 Creepiest & Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum


WAKE UP! Your America Has Nearly Vanished

SUMMARY: 2-Related cross posts: Brzezinski on killing masses easier than controlling & Vigilant Citizen on WEF Dystopian Pushed Agenda: https://bit.ly/3avIGky

#JoeBiden hires #WEF climate extremist and #HunterBiden think tank employee as new “supply chain advisor” (we are in trouble my fellow Americans!) https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-06-02-white-house-climate-extremist-supply-chain-advisor.html

Use Actual Words & Documents to Expose WEF & Depopulation

SUMMARY: … Albert Bourla indicating Pfizer will be responsible for depopulating planet Earth by 50% by 2023. I FELL FOR IT! … NEVERTHELESS, LET’S BE CLEAR – … Elitist directives which includes decreasing the world’s population to a more manageable compliant Sheeple. MORE TO READ: https://bit.ly/3m5XVTR

Report: Biden Supply Chain Czar Worked For WEF & Hunter Biden’s DC Think Tank


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