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Kinda’ reminds of that old anecdote about going to a fight and an hockey game broke out: It’s like being surprised to learn some UEMF HELLyWeird actor putts from the ruff - we should be surprised when there’s N0t trouble in the Middle East, not when there is!

Next "pandemic", to hit before mid-terms?
G7 ministers are already practicing for the next pandemic,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

Outlaw 👊🇺🇸

Let's Chat About It - YouTube with the Chat... talking about whatever... it's Friday - F the bs!Become a member of this channel:htt...

The "greening" of the grid is just another attempt to weaken America. It will lead to further grid instability. We should be hardening the grid and developing more baseload power (like small modular nuclear reactors).

What Happens When Elon Musk RESPONDS To Your Tweets | MELTDOWN - YouTube

What Happens When Elon Musk RESPONDS To Your Tweets? The left has a meltdown. Watch @Project Veritas expose Twitter employees discuss censorship, bigotry, ...

Feds find smuggling tunnel linking US and Mexico - YouTube

U.S. authorities on Monday announced the discovery of an underground smuggling tunnel on the U.S.-Mexican border between Tijuana and San Diego. (May 17)Subsc...

Things looking increasingly desperate for Russia. Fantastic analysis from Sam Faddis. Moral, Mental, Physical levels of war are being lost by Russia right now. The point here is instability is emanating from the Ukraine situation. Jesus brings stability.
Clinton Foundation Will Go Down 👊

Clinton's campaign team got 'caught': Andy McCarthy - YouTube

Fox News contributor weighs in on the trial against Clinton lawyer Sussmann on 'The Story.' #FoxNews #TheStorySubscribe to Fox News!

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