LOUIS CHEVROLET: Profile In Veldt$chtaater Plunder/how the K-Pc finds, cozens & plunders talented men
#INSIDEcorpocracy #ExpendableGoy


The TRAGIC Story of Chevrolet - YouTube

The story behind Chevrolet starts with the name of its founder, Louis Chevrolet, a man from Switzerland who immigrated to the United States in 1901. During ...

CANADIAN GOY CONTROL Law Changes With The Wind! Comrade “Brandon” & his (((Bloomberg-$oro$))) bought fellow travelers want to inflict this insanity here
#Veldt $CHTAAT #BuildingThePerfectBABYLON


Canada Bans Handgun Transfers: A Firearms Lawyer Explains - YouTube

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/runkleofthebaileyLocals: https://runkleofthebailey.locals.com/BTC address: bc1qdqzpz6ny6w35qyl2rnasshjm60jvwcjgllwcayAll ...

As Usual, the”OFFICIAL (BULL$#!+)$TORY!!!” falls apart when ALL The facts are examined, not just ZIOmedia ha$bara, propagated to push veldt$CHTAAT
#CHECKhazari $tocracy


In response karen maquias to her Publication

EVERY BanKHAZAR bribe has strings attached. Veldt$chtaat never sleeps and always creeps!

THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG! It’s Almost Like (((Gun Nazi$))) had this crap loaded in the chute, ready to roll when their MKUltra wind-up toy went off!
#0urKHAZARi $tocracy #giving1 %100#power #Veldt $CHTAAT


BREAKING NEWS: National Red Flag Bill VOTE IMMINENT!!! - YouTube

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COSMOPOLITRICKS: Whether By Bombs Or Bribes, veldt$chtaat (from Alexander the Great to the United Nations) is a demonstrable failure…can we dump demonocracy & abandon it now!?


Victor Davis Hanson - The Failure of Globalism | Highlights Ep.37 - YouTube

In this Highlight from Hillsdale College’s FREE online course, “American Citizenship and Its Decline,” Victor Davis Hanson traces the history of globalism fr...

FORMER PUA & Globetrotting “Dude-Bro!!!” faces reality & lets us know it
#Revelation13 :16-18 #Veldt $CHTAATnotDeep$chtaat #0urKHAZARi $tocracy


“NEW WORLD ORDER” Is Just A High-dollar Phrase for EMPIRE, and Empires Always FALL
#Veldt $CHTAAT #khazari $tocracy


WHAT IF The Real Cause Of WW3 turns out to be BIDENomic para$iti$m, not Russia or the Ukraine?
#0urKHAZARi $tocracy #Veldt $CHTAAT #sjwTYRANNY


American Socialism: A Genuine Threat to the World - YouTube


PAYING FOR COMMUNI$M And Other Self-Destructive pork-barrel projects - it’s why FedGov/VELDT$CHTAAT USA doesn’t have a balanced budget!


'Let Me Give You A Few Examples...': Steve Daines Explains Why He Voted Against Omnibus Bill - YouTube

In a video released to social media, Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) explained why he voted against the omnibus spending bill.Stay ConnectedForbes on Facebook: http...

DISCERNING THE OBVIOUS Is A Great First Step, now kick the Roth$child rugrat out of the country for treason!

#Veldt $chtaater$ #globoHOMO #((($)))election2020


OTHER THAN FELLOW TRAVELERS Who Put Biden In Office, nobody is buying the (((E$tabli$hment Pre$$))) ha$bara about Ukraine’s equally-fake Puppedent.
#1stCasualtyIsALWAYStruth #Veldt $chtaat


HOOSIERS Must Remember That GeOPapi$t$ are only on your side until it matters, and hold their feet to the fire when betrayed!
#Veldt $chtaatAtHOME


Constitutional Carry Bill Gutted By Oath Breaker - YouTube

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“War is good for the economy!” in exactly the same way that cannibalism is nutritious.

#neoCONexcu $e #Veldt $chtaaterBULL$#!+ #lie $ofTheKHAZARi$tocracy #WA $TINGamericanRe$ource$

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