mRNA vaccine inventor: COVID-19 vaccines may make virus more dangerous | News | LifeSite

CDC says Vaccines do not work! Yet Biden said they did! Democrats are still pushing for EVERYONE to take the vaccine! and guess what? I've said it from the beginning! The vaccine does not prevent you from catching covid again as proven by many who were fully vaccinated now testing positive.. This whole covid-19 was being used for political reasons by Democrats!


'In what might be one of the most devastating tactical maneuvers in the history of America, President Trump has managed to corral as many as 124 million Democrats to take "Trump vaccines" that are linked to infertility, autoimmune disorders and increasing deaths.

If these vaccines begin to produce a significant number of deaths in the months and years ahead, based on current CDC numbers, it loo

Confusion: Pro-Vaccine Actor Michael Rapaport Realizes Covid Vaccines Spread Disease

Google And Facebook Announce MANDATORY Vaccines For Employees

In response Marian Kamp to her Publication

NO the vaccines are NOT the Mark of the Beast. And you CAN NOT get the mark "accidentally", IT WILL BE A CHOICE.

The Mark of the Beast WILL NOT EVEN BE REVEALED until after the Rapture of the Church and then satan and his 2 beasts reveal themselves. Just False Prophets and Atheists spreading FEAR.


Can You Take The Mark of the Beast Accidentally? - YouTube

Oops: corona vaccine maker Pfizer recalls cancer-causing anti-smoking drug

Pfizer, the manufacturer of, among other things, corona vaccines, has recalled a number of batches of varenicline (Champix/Chantix) and temporarily stops distributing the drug.

💉Australian Prime Minister Says It's Your Fault If You Took The Vaccine & Died!

Australian PM openly blames the people who died from coerced #Vaccines for their own deaths.


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