IS YOUR “CHURCH” Part Of/an Harlot-daughter of the Whore of Babylon?
Any or ALL of these lies from Hell will be propagated by it if it is:

1.Three-god-initariani$m (Earth/bitch-worshipping $pirituali$m)…the foundation of “Reformed” P$EUDai$m!
3.Life after death ($pirituali$m).
4.$alvation by altrui$m.
5.(((Globali$t/lefti$t))) ha$bara wrapped in bits of Scripture verses.
6.”Sure we believe in the Bible, BUUUUUUT…” (A fave carping of femin$TA$I preachers).

If you hear all, or any of these damnable heresies regularly from the pulpit DON’T WALK, RUN To the nearest exit, and visit

#Titus1 :10-16

Are you as amazed as I am that the FAKE “Right” is autistically screeching in celebration of the Roe V. Wade reversal in complete, willful ignorance of the reality 15 Cuck$ervative $enators cut their balls off at the same time?

#RedFags #GOYcontrol #2stepsForward1stepBack

Kimberly Overton: We have an urgent need here for a very sick baby in #tennessee I’m trying to get all hands on deck for this. The lead on the transplant team at Vandy is denying this #Child , 11 months old, to be put on the #Transplant list due to his #Vaccination status. (this child not #COVID jabbed!) Anything at all that you can do to help spread the word would be appreciated. I reached out to Dr. McCullough, he is going to try to help as well. I’m in contact with the mother & am putting together a CTA with all of the details, if you can help us elevate this story, it would be greatly appreciated. The mom is also willing to be interviewed if you would be able to have her own. I’m so saddened by the horrific state of our “healthcare” system.

Patriotic Weekly Review - with Wesley Russell

Black Men justify Killing WHITES because white person called them a Name

#diversity #Equality #multiculturalism #government #mah -Demoracy #Neo -Liberalism #Neo -Conservatism #statism #courts

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Pope to International Community: ‘Don‘t forget the people of Myanmar'
Pope Francis issues an appeal to not look away from the suffering of so many people in Myanmar who continue to be subjected to violence after the military coup in February 2021.

FORGET DEMO(N)CRAT$ Says Don Surber, we have plenty of enemies in our own house who’ll gladly help ‘em burn it down-example
#cuck $ervative #WhenYouFelateKHAZAR $

#migrants ➼ BANG IN THE HEAD❗

Police in Spain have arrested two Moroccan migrant men for allegedly sexually abusing at least eight girls, including three minors, in the town of Elda, Alicante during the yearly festival which celebrates pivotal victories of the Christians over the Moors in the Spanish Reconquista.

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