In response Christian Talk to his Publication

The bottom of that page reads

Are Democrats tearing America apart?

The Real question should be :

Is International Equality Liberal Uniparty Democracy
controlled by Jews and Israel destroying America deliberately to achieve White Genocide and World Jewery domination

If Christianity doesnt support

* Statless Society
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic protectionism
* Patroracy
* Captialism without Statism/Corporations
* Localism + Community
* Phsyical Community Currency based on hours
* Small Business + Small Farming + Small Prodction

Then how is it any different from the current
International Equality Statist Authoranism uniparty system
which goals are Western Destruction and White genocide ?

#christianity #Uniparty #goverence
#kosher #Civnat #Internationalism #Goyim #control #brainwashing #weathredistrubution #ZOG #zionism #Jews #Israel #complance #Obey #Comply #dieforisrael

Look who created the Libertarian moverment

This is why we will never have 'small goverment'

Because they are ANOTHER controlled opposition group
to keep goyim locked into the statist system

#Libertarian #statism #Uniparty #fruad #control #controlled -opposition #taxation #brainwashed #Goyim

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Feminism, Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism , neo conservitism , Neo Liberalism , Woke, CRT is all

Anti White

Pushed and funded and created by Jews/Zionists/Kikes

Weapon against Whites and Western Kind

Is a tool to destory , depopulate and ruin
White Nations
White Society
White Values
White Population

no one in the uniparty farse stands for
working class

We are all tax cattle to fund our own destruction, brainwashing and 'progress' to 2030

The Martinez Perspective (29-Dec-2021):- Fuentes Goes Full Dugintard & Holocaust Omegle Recap
- [Martinez Perspective] {{{ OIdysee }}}
#Canada #holohoax #Uniparty #Dugintard #nickF #MartinezPerspective #White #patriotism #nationalism #agenda21 #Plandemic

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Bush Lied
Trump Lied
Clinton's Lied
Biden Lied

They are all puppet actors for those actually pulling the strings , part of the Uniparty fruad

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

170 nations 'goverments' have signed

NWO 2030
Agenda 21
Great Reset
World Mass murder aka 'depopulation'
White Genocide
White Replacement
Climate hoax
Globe spining ball fruad
History revisiom and knowledge coverup

No Solution exists with
- International Govermence
- World Central banking
- Taxation + GST/VAT + Welfare
- uniparty scam

News :-
Epstein Island Flight Logs Show Trump On 5 Flights

- Israel first
- Jewish loyality
- Banker bought
- Bigphama Pimp
- Gun Grabber
- Free Speech Denier
- Swamp Creature
- Uniparty Fruadister

#Trump #Epstein #corrupt #blackmailed #bought #paidfor #bigphamapimp #Israel -first #NWO #agenda21 #statism #gove

Dec 2021 - UK - Papers Please

Vaccine passports voted into English UK law
- Liberal Multicultural Diverse Demoracy

Still think voting works with the Uniparty system, welfare, open borders, multiculturalism, Agenda 21 and White Replacement ?

Eric/Twellit/Magabook + Christans + Uniparty voters

Biden is a self confessed ZIONIST KIKE


#Traitor #kike #zionist #Israel #Israel -first #judaism


Biden:Were I a Jew I'd be a Zionist. To License This Clip, Click Here:

@EricThompson - eric
Why do you refuse to name Jews, Zionism and israel

and reject the International Federal Uniparty sham

Christians and Christianty come across as gutless weak cucks that stand for NOTHING and in the process aid the destruction of Western Nations, Genocide of White race and completion of Agenda 21 in 2030

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