In response For Liberty to his Publication

Just got i week suspension from twitter/twatland for speaking out against that B***h along with how I feel towards that POS

#America, it is time NOW if you REALLY WANT TO SAVE THIS NATION, get in the fight literally, saying 'it is terrible' and just do nothing will NOT cut it, the Globalists & Enemies are counting on that! Those who are still on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook need to take on the Government Media Complex

Black Journalist Suspended From Twitter For Criticising BLM Founder’s Property Spending Binge

BREAKING: The California Supreme Court has ordered judges to free suspects who can't afford to pay cash bail -AP

Breaking: The Boulder Suspect's Name is Ahmad Al-Issa. So Naturally The Story Of White Terrorist, White Mass Shootings, White Privilege Of Not Being Killed When Arrested And White Supremacy Will No Longer Be Relevant.

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