In response John Burke to his Publication

Are you on Creation social and Loop yet

I expect a huge cull from Twillit in Jan-Feb 2022

In response CPAP Cyborg to her Publication

Gday I recommend checking out


Creation Social/Loop/Parler/Twillit

Protonmail instead of gmail
SearX/Qwant instead of google search
and various alt tech replacements
I talked about here in this video

Assume all 'news' is controlled opposition+working for Corporations,Banks & the state to maintain an official 'narrative'

Ex Mormon for Jewus is now on
Creation Social and Twillit ,and Loop ,
give him a follow

In response Kathy Dest to her Publication

Magabook does not support Free Speech

I got removed from Magabook
Eric the admin claimed he doesnt know who kicked me off or why

30/June/2021 - Charliebrownau got removed from MAGABOOK

08 July 2021 - Open email to admins at Magabook and Twillit

Charliebrownau Open Email to Magabook/Twillit Admins
08/July/2021 -
(Charliebrownau) [joshwhotv]
#speech #platform #Censorship #MAGA #magabook #Email

where am I suppose to sign up for the drawing? I am with Maga newsman's Maga book and Twillit, have been since they all started

In response Twellit Admin to his Publication

Good morning Eric...I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of "cause"; cuz i gotta go do errands all day😔 Hold down the fort while I'm gone! Have a great TWILLIT day! 👍

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