Owen Shroyer Reveals Democrats In McAllen Texas Love Trump, Want Secure Borders


Re-Enacted: July 4, 2020 by the 19th President of the Restored Republic: Donald J Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Is President Trump still 'Secretly In Charge' from his Mar-a-Lago Command Center? here's a hint: Code name is 'Southern Command' and alternative code name: 'The Southern White House'.

🔥Watch: Project Veritas Triggers CNN’s Brian Stelter After Network’s Anti-Trump Agenda Exposed!


Biden Represents
Leadership That America Doesn't Want!
Our president did everything he can to make America great. With Joe Biden in office, he's tearing down all of Trump's hard work and ruining the country. He's now trying to pass his gun control policies through an excutive order.

Just Love to see this....our Great President with the Bikers for Trump. Man I miss seeing him out there everyday like he used to be. But it won't be long before he makes his Celebrated return to Power and we all look forward to that day!🇺🇸

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