The RCMP is doing Trudeau’s dirty work via@truenorthcentre

Trudeau’s former Attorney General just tweeted a great one

LILLEY: Trudeau says no 'undue influence' over RCMP Commissioner, same language he used in SNC

Canada was 'built unequal for certain groups': PM Trudeau

Canada was 'built unequal for certain groups': PM Trudeau - YouTube

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says systemic racism exists across Canada, including in the RCMP, and speaks about the difficulty many people in leadership rol...

The 13.6 million expired AstraZeneca vaccines that Trudeau donated to foreign countries is estimated to have cost Canadian taxpayers over $100 million.

Parallels Abound Between China's Cultural Revolution And Trudeau's Canada

Report Says Student Of Trudeau Signed $2 Million Non-Disclosure Agreement

WATCH: Joe Rogan is 'disgusted' by Trudeau saying Canadians don't have the right to use guns for self-defense
Rogan said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden are "both corrupt, both full of shit."

A new generation of kids is learning the value of liberty in a satirical book highlighting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial tendencies.

Justin Trudeau can’t stop making us CRINGE via@truenorthcentre

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