Shock Video: LA Restaurant Owner Takes Down Thief Who Attacked Elderly Diner

Shock Video: Feral Mob Attacks French Cops During Arrest of Migrant Thief


It's OK, it's their culture. Sending this man to jail for theft would be racist and unkind. He's only expressing his culture.

In response John Burke to his Publication

Statism is slavery

Taxation is thief

Mass Abortion is Mass Genocide

Mass Migration is Mass REPLACEMENT

WATCH: Police in Port Arthur, Texas are looking for a thief who stole a lawnmower — but not before he filled it up with gas and mowed the victim's front and back yards.

So Bradlee Dean can destroys the person's faith.
John 10:10
“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to
kill, and to destroy.

Decentralization Is Under Attack
(Scott Cunningham) [JoshwhoTV]

#Central -bank #fait #currency #money
#cypto #statism #government
#Mandates #state -force #Thief
#de -centralised #privacy #free -speech

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Does it teach that

Abortion is mass murder and genocide

Taxation is thief

Government is slavery

and Mass migration is mass replacement ?

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Is Murder a SIN
if so , then Abortion should be an ARRESTABLE and JAILABLE and CONVICTED crime

if so , then Taxation, GST/VAT, IRS and Income tax
needs to be totally abolished

Either SIN is wrong
or its morally okay

Double standards clearly hasn't worked for the last 5-25-55-255-555 years

Either we hold a single standard for everyone the SAME EXACT STANDARD
or we have different standards for different groups
and people are not the SAME and DON'T have the same rights

What is it MURDER aND THIEF is bad
or its okay when BANKS , WOMEN, Corporations,Government and doctors do it

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Trump is an Israel First, Zionist Kike, Banker bought, Bigphama Pimp, Gun Grabbing, Anti Free speech traitor

No Logical Critical thinking rational person should support
or any of the selected uniparty choices

All statist puppets are actors

* Statism is slavery

* Taxation is Thief

* Abortion is Murder

* Overseas Aid, Divorce Settlement, Social programs are all forced wealth redistribution aka SOCIALISM

Most Governments are Registered CORPORATIONS

Cryptocurrency off-ramps, and the shift towards centralization

{{{ CYPTO }}} heading towards centralised government 'regulated' system in league with Central banks, Corporations and International Governments

Who could of seen that coming ....................................


Physical community/Local Currency based off HOURS is the real de centralised anonymous solution
No Central banks
No Governments
No Digital currency
No surveillance
No tracking
No 'regulation' (state force demands)
No thief - IRS/FED/Income tax,etc

In response charlie brownau to his Publication

Earth/bitch worship is PRO DEATH.
God’s Word is pro-life:
“The‭ ‭thief‭‭ cometh‭‭ not‭, but‭ for to‭ steal‭‭, and‭ to kill‭‭, and‭ to destroy‭‭: I‭ am come‭‭ that‭ they might have‭‭ life‭, and‭ that they might have‭‭ ‭it‭ more abundantly‭.” ~ John 10:10
“ ‭It is‭‭ the spirit‭ that quickeneth‭‭; the flesh‭‭ profiteth‭‭ nothing‭: the words‭ that‭ I‭ speak‭‭ unto you‭, ‭they‭ are‭‭ ‭spirit‭‭, ‭and‭‭ ‭they‭ are‭‭ life‭.” ~ John 6:63

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