LILLEY: Trudeau says no 'undue influence' over RCMP Commissioner, same language he used in SNC

#Inflation Was High Before #Ukraine : #FederalReserve Chairman Powell Tosses #JoeBiden Back Under The Bus - Admission decimates #Biden 's talking point that #Russian president #VladimirPutin caused inflation in U.S.

Some people believe that handkerchiefs are used as ‘mementos’ in MK abuse. This is a painting from Monarch mind control survivor Kim Noble depicting a victim being abused. There’s a piece of cloth underneath the child. The body appears to be levitating, which represents disassociation after extreme trauma.

Airlines must be accountable for flight problems: Transport minister

GOLDSTEIN: Debt-financed pandemic spending failed to boost economy, report

Airport screening officers launch labour action to protest 'disrespect' from Ottawa

JOHN STOSSEL Doesn’t Grok The reality-The issue is not mere leftism but gynocentric spiritualism: the unifying driving force behind all things anti-God, anti-free-speech and anti-America

Classic Stossel: Liberal Censors - YouTube

How did liberals go from being the anti-censorship group to the pro-censorship group? A Classic Stossel from 2015. "The Silencing” author, Kirsten Powers, sa...

FUREY: Canada's now facing serious issues -- and we lack a serious government

GOLDSTEIN: PM’s massive climate spending fails to achieve promised results

LILLEY: Trudeau follows political science on mandates, not medical science

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