24 September, 02:52
DEATH OF DESPAIR - A Western World Rife with spiritualism & its accompanying socialism is shrinking demographically. Getting back to God and His Word is the mystery solution evading the atheistic eggheads
#TRUTHtrumpsFiatPaper #OnlineBIBLE .net #TheWay .org
The De-Population Bomb - YouTube

Recorded on June 14 at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC.In 1970, Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich published a famous book, The Population B...

Gregg Huestis @GreggHuestis67
31 August, 11:31
09 August, 08:47
DEAR AMERICAN PEOPLE: If There Was Ever A Time to do this, that time is now! Our future depends on abandoning spiritualism and believing THE Truth!
#UNITEDbyTruth #TheMISSINGelement

Clifton Hodges @cliftonhodges
30 July, 11:41
On this scripture, If you were thinking that you have no respect for people like Bill Gates, Klaus Schawb, Tedros (whatever) of W.H.O. (World Homicide Organization), Anthony Fauci, and the list goes on... You have accessed them to exact Just judgement...
Oh my, Was I talking out loud? 😂

#John_24 #Respect #Judgement #Judge #Bible #Scripture #Scriptural #Spiritual #biblical #Saints #YHWH #Yeshua #Hebraic #Praise #Blessings #faith #VerseOfTheDay
American Patriot @AmericanGrl1969
15 July, 09:26
We are truly in a Spiritual war. God vs Satan. God ALWAYS wins!
John Houk @johnhouk
10 July, 10:37
Resist Titanic Tyranny

SUMMARY: BECOME AWARE! On a spiritual level – PRAY! On a secular level – DO NOT COMPLY TO TYRANNY. CFP on Tyranny destroying America. Refresher on WEF Tyranny agenda. Robin Bullock on judgment coming to evil ones. READ & WATCH:
06 July, 02:58
THE DISEASED ORIGINS Of Our “Woke/Po$tmodern” misadventures in self-deceit/The “logic” of “athei$t” spiritualists:
#FREEak”education” #$chtaatIndoctrination
03 July, 08:12
“SWEET OLD” (((KHAZAR))) FEMIN$TA$I Closet ‘Muncher Pushes Euthanasia & earth/bitch-worship to “save the children”.
When the veldt$chtaater$ go to gynocentric spirituali$t ground, (((they))) Are LOSING, but it doesn’t mean they’re quitting
03 July, 06:27
GYNOCENTRIC SPIRITUALIST$ & (((Other Globali$t$))) still prefer denialism and redefining word salad to facing the consequences of a half century long genocide in the womb
#DEMO (n)cide #femin $TA$Ii$m #politicaLe $biani$m #antiwhite #AntiFamily #AntiLife #khazari $tocracy #boomero $ophyMustGO
Where Is The Compassion For The Unborn And The Adopted? - YouTube Our Shop: Thomas Sowell Quotes:

29 June, 05:32
EVOLUTION IS Propagated As “intellectual/enlightenment/progressive”, though the truth is that life only “happens to” LOSERS:
Chance, fate, the breaks, and natural selection are the cop-outs and excuses of the spiritualist, not the scientist
#Que $ara$hlock #EVERYeffectHasAcause #OWNyour $#!+
John MacArthur: THE LIE OF EVOLUTION - YouTube

Dr. John MacArthur is—far and away—America’s greatest Bible teacher. In 2015, I had a burning desire to understand what the Bible really meant, however, eve...

26 June, 04:31
GYNOCENTRIC SPIRITUALISM Doesn’t Work…Not for any purpose other than turning First World nations into Third World shitholes
#Earth /bitch-wor$hip=YouSTARVE #idolatryToday
Lake Meade - Who's Left to Fix the US' Problems? - YouTube

Enjoy the Decline:

25 June, 03:50
ON AVERAGE Only 3% Of Congregants are at a religious service for genuinely spiritual reasons - it’s been common knowledge for over 30 years and as population declines, it’s really starting to show!
NO ONE Should Be Surprised!! - YouTube

This headline is supposed to be shocking but I don't think there are many people in America who will be surprised - especially if you have been paying attent...

22 June, 01:23
Gynocentric Spiritualism (Earth/bitch-Worship) Is The Root and foundation of feminism, environmentalism & almost every other “leftist”(globalist) movement, including “reformed” P$EUDai$m-zioni$m - this just scratches the surface!
Feminists, Socialism, Tarot Cards, and Astrology - A Review of "Occult Feminism" - YouTube

Buy the book here:

21 June, 09:30
JOHN STOSSEL Doesn’t Grok The reality-The issue is not mere leftism but gynocentric spiritualism: the unifying driving force behind all things anti-God, anti-free-speech and anti-America
Classic Stossel: Liberal Censors - YouTube

How did liberals go from being the anti-censorship group to the pro-censorship group? A Classic Stossel from 2015. "The Silencing” author, Kirsten Powers, sa...

American Patriot @AmericanGrl1969
12 June, 09:22
SurviveTheNews: “WORLD PREMIERE WATCH THE WATER FULL MOVIE -CV19 COBRA VENOM? DR. ARDIS & STEW PETERS” (47:32) Published April 12, 2022 Note: This video is a MUST WATCH!! Snake venom connected to Covid, the jab (snake bites?) and Covid deaths? In Christianity, what does the snake represent? Let’s not forget the serpent, in the Garden of Eden. We are truly in a ‘Spiritual War’. God vs Satan.

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