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Biden’s Economic RUIN: Experts Raise Alarm Over Food Shortages, Supply Chain Chaos:

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The #Globalists Efforts To Starve #Americans To Death Are Accelerating As The Manufactured #Food Shortages, Along With The #AntiMeat And #Farming Destruction Insure Massive Human Die-Off

In response INFOWARS to his Publication

DUMB ASS CONGRESSMEN, he's creating Food Shortages by forcing Farmers NOT to grow crops.
OVER 100 Million Americans already know this.

Europe Fears Widespread Economic Fallout if Russian Gas Outage Drags On

Closing the Nord Stream gas link could send shortages rippling through industries including petrochemicals, steel, ceramics and plastics

LIVE NOW: The Global Collapse #AlexJones Predicted Is Now Here!!!

🚨 Riots Engulf More Than 100 Nations, Learn What’s Coming Next:

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United Nations Touted ‘Benefits of World Hunger’ — Now Contrived Food Shortages Threaten Civilization

As Refinery Closures Outpace New Construction, Shortages All But Guaranteed

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