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14 April, 01:25
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04 March, 07:14
WV just passed to become state number 18! Way-2-go, WVCOS! 18 states down, 16 to go! We the People are the solution to the Washington DC (D)/(R) Swamp problem. #conventionofstates #COSaction #COS2024 #saveourrepublic #SelfGovern https://conventionofstates...
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24 February, 06:05
The DC swamp is the problem. We the People are solution. We cannot be bought or sold. "Convention of States (COS) movement gains momentum" #SaveOurRepublic #ConventionOfStates #SelfGovern 
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09 February, 02:20
​BLUE STATE BREAKTHROUGH! Massachusetts becomes the first "blue state" in the union to pass a Convention of States resolution out of committee! Follow the link below for an article about this historic success story. Meanwhile, nationally, 17 states down, 17 to go!​

#Momentum #Snowball #HalfWayThere #SaveTheConstitution #SaveOurFreedoms #saveourrepublic #SelfGovern #conventionofstates

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04 February, 04:23
This is what I said would eventually happen the first day the unconstitutional, job-killing lockdowns were announced. I said then what I say now: COVID-19 is not Ebola; practice civil disobedience. They gave a disproportionate, unconstitutional lockdown and nobody came. No one joined me. #sad The US Constitution does not permit what happened. A Convention of States is halfway to reality. That is now the only remaining way forward. That is why I am a volunteer. The loss of commonsense American bravery in our time is simply staggering. #SocialEngineering #CommonSenseLost #SelfGovern
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28 January, 03:09
It's easy to kneel when you stand for nothing. That about sums it up. No government should ever bow down like this for any reason, certainly not an American government. This bunch of corrupt---often lifetime---politicians are a waste of space; they have GOT to go. #EndTeflonForDems #OutlawTheDNC #EqualUnderTheLaw #DoNotElectRINOs #SelfGovern #ConventionOfStates #LegalRetribution #Reckoning #TheBellTollsForThee
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25 January, 03:19
Who decides?

According to the founders and the constitution, we do.

Let’s start acting like it.
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22 January, 02:37
For all patriotic American citizens the time for civil disobedience has arrived. This is the government about which our founding fathers warned us. Each one of us is our own sovereign. No one rules over us. Government answers to us, not the other way around. We serve no masters. Support your fellow Americans’ freedoms. Do not shame them for exercising their basic rights as citizens for self-determination. Visit for more information.
Patriotswillprevail Intheend @Patriotswillprevail
22 January, 01:45

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