HERE is some true science not corrupted money-grubbing science that lies for a Big Pharma profit. Now money-grubbers are leading jab related injuries and deaths. WHERE IS THE NEWS:

This just might be one of the most informative COVID-exposé 2-minute videos you’ve ever watched. The primary culprit is the money-grubbing fake-science of the CDC. BE INFORMED:

WOW - "In Your Collective Face" WORLD!
China Nominates Wuhan Lab ‘Batwoman’ for ‘Outstanding Science’ Award.

If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. I take a stand for:

1. Jesus Christ over a godless life
2. Truth over lies & deceit
3. Conservatism over liberalism
4. Freedom over socialism
5. First Amend over censorship
6. Life over killing babies
7. Science over man-made

Just finished watching Justin Trouble's awesome video exposing how the maskers are an anti-science cult. If you enjoy this video, I would encourage you to subscribe to Justin Trouble's JoshWho TV channel

#justintrouble #masks #Coronavirus #maskcult #antiscience

Video: Tucker Carlson Slams Fauci’s ‘Bizarre’ “I am Science” Claim

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