Anti-Disinformation: “FAUCI UNMASKED EPISODES 1-3 [THE TRIAL RUN, CONCOCTING A CRISIS, I AM SCIENCE]” (1:14:35) Published March 22, 2022 Note: I rarely suggest sharing anything from my posts. However; this time I’m making an exception. I strongly recommend sharing this video with others on social media, your family and your friends. This video helps to expose Fauci regarding Covid, and his “career” over the past 30+ years. #ArrestFauci

───── Science! ─────
WATCH: Joe Biden arrives in South Korea, wears mask as he exits plane by himself, then as he approaches another person, he takes it off.

Govt. Science Greed & Lies

SUMMARY: Dr. Joseph Mercola and Judicial Watch (including video) demonstrate who corrupt government scientists and science agencies are so consumed with greed an power, there is little evidence of protecting American citizens which taxpayers constituted them to do:

We must reject the World Health Organization's 'science' based power grab - LifeSite

COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche Of Neurological Diseases

If one you are one of the way-too-many Sheeple believing the lies told by control-freak Globalist Science liars whose ONLY agenda is to shove some kind of psycho Fascist-Marxist transformed New World Order down your throat – “WAKE UP!” -

Might The Jab be a WEF Tracker?

SUMMARY: … THINK ABOUT the WEF’s transhumanist aspirations for controlling human beings and the ever increasing science excitement surrounding Graphene Oxide Hydrogel nano-biomedical delivery systems before dismissing completely THE EXPOSÉ article and video as Science Fiction Conspiracy Theory thinking. REEAD & WATCH:

17,000 Anti-Fearmongering Scientists Say, ‘ENOUGH!’

IMAGINE! 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists calling Globalist fearmongering science hogwash based on politics rather than empirical analysis! Dr. Robert Malone leads the way. Below is a Bitchute version video of some leading Physicians and Medical Scientists backing Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity followed by a Dr. Robert Malone Substack cross post. WATCH & READ HERE:

“WE’RE SUCH A WEALTHY NATION!!!”~pRe$ident Macerel-$napper

Back in the REAL WORLD, Prosperity is not rocket science: Spend less than you make!

Living Paycheck to Paycheck - YouTube

Achieving Minimalism: Financial Excellence: h...

Do YOU Trust Your Government? Their Science? Their Doctors?

I have three posts with information (That Biden’s new government Truth Ministry undoubtedly label as misinformation) I hope leads you to question your government so-called medical agencies and the doctors who follow such dictates:

Top Biden Health Official: All Pediatricians Agree With Castrating Gender-Confused Children via@dailycaller

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