Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
25 September, 05:07
Pro-life activist arrested by a SWAT team for…protecting one of his children from a hostile abortion activist.
John Burke @johnburke
23 September, 11:16
Report: FBI SWAT Agent Turns Whistleblower After Realizing Manipulation Behind 'Bogus' Jan. 6 Raids via WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
23 September, 07:20
#FBI vindictively retaliated against a 12-year #Veteran and a #SWAT -team member who blew the whistle on the agency for encouraging and incentivizing agents to artificially inflate the threat of "domestic violent extremism." https://www.informationlib...
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
10 September, 09:56
While it is sadly true that there are some people who are under the delusion of being some sort of animal, I am curious about something:

Do any of you out there think that it is possible that some girls and women supposedly under such delusions may actually be purposely passing themselves off as being under the delusion of being an animal such as a cat or a dog just to drive off all the boys and men whose attention they might not want and who would not be the kind of boys or men they would want?
Eric Thompson @EricThompson
03 September, 06:11
Right Before Biden’s Anti-MAGA Speech, Steve Bannon’s House Was “Swatted”.
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
03 September, 05:00
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
31 August, 12:54
Might some “counter-swatting” measures be in order?
[Perhaps the likes of Pelosi or AOC should be "swatted" for every time MTG is.]
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
25 August, 06:05
#MTG #MarjorieTaylorGreene Responds to Being SWATTED at Home by #DomesticTerrorist – “They Wanted to Get Me Killed”
John Burke @johnburke
29 June, 11:34
RCMP official: Lucki claimed direct pressure from federal minister to name guns

John Burke @johnburke
22 June, 12:16
Global Digital ID With Real-Time Tracking Of Everyone & Everything Is Coming https://www.prophecynewswa...
karen maquias @kiki
20 March, 05:03
David Soto @Patriot_45
14 February, 06:37
Remember when they did the same thing with BLM and ANTIFA NOT-PEACEFUL protests?

TRUCKER CRACKDOWN BEGINS: Wild Scenes in Canada As Military, SWAT, and Police Are All Sent in to Make Arrests | Click on link for Full Report and join me on Telegram ⬇️
31 January, 11:04
Truckers Form Blockade at US-Canada Border as Trudeau Gov’t Sends SWAT Units
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
16 January, 05:49
➖'I'm going to die. Don't cry about me'
📌 All four Texas synagogue hostages are FREED and 'terrorist' demanding release of 'Lady Al Qaeda' is shot DEAD as SWAT team storms the building 10 hours after saga began
Eric Thompson @EricThompson
15 January, 10:53
Terrorism In Texas! SWAT Team Responds To Hostage Situation At Synagogue: ‘I’m Going To Die’

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