12 August, 12:09
GALT-IN-DA-BOX Want One (the machine/franchise,not just the pie)…maybe a few around town!
#STFU &takeMyMoney
Pizza automata - YouTube

First time seeng and using pizza automata.... Tha taste is not so bad , better than any frozen ones from Tesco.

zoltan 4C™ @lobello
19 June, 02:45
'Breaking Bad' actor says Americans should 'stfu' about gas prices if they 'love capitalism so much'
William J. Conaway @wjconaway
16 June, 12:32
David Soto @Patriot_45
30 November, 08:14
Little kid tells Jill to STFU! 😱
18 September, 05:05

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LeeRichards @LeeRichards
13 September, 08:08
Somebody stuff one of Poppy's socks in his mouth so he'll STFU.. 😠

LeeRichards @LeeRichards
14 August, 04:40
Aaaaaaaaanold needs to STFU and go back to Austria where he can be the Nazi he wants to be. How many know that his father WAS a Nazi??
LeeRichards @LeeRichards
09 July, 05:45
Just goes to show you how stupid they really are, don't know when to STFU. Two prime examples right here, this dumb c**t and Sgt. At Arms Timothy Blodgett.. Buahahaha


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