Baby-killers wanted the TX heartbeat case remanded back to a federal court so that they would have a better chance at overturning it, but SCOTUS, once again, said NO, just as they have done twice before.

SCOTUS Rules on Dem-Led Jan. 6 Committee Getting Access to Trump’s White House Docs | REPORT ⬇️


Supreme Court rules 8-1 to allow January 6 committee access to Trump's White House documents: All three of president's SCOTUS nominees vote against him
'The Supreme Court's action tonight is a victory for the rule of law & American democracy,' the committee wrote in a tweet.

Surgeon General Murthy Says SCOTUS Blocking Biden’s Vaccine Mandate a ‘Setback for Public Health’

Sonia the misinformation superspreader
A.F. Branco has fun with justice's wild claims at SCOTUS hearing

SJW Alert! Liberal SCOTUS Justices Spread Massive COVID Misinformation (Lies) During Arguments On Friday.

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