Report: Wannabe Kavanaugh Assassin Claimed He Was “Shooting For 3” SCOTUS Justices

#DoNotComply – you ALL need to make this clear to #JoeBiden , #Globalists , Kongress #Congress & #SCOTUS also the #media such as #FOXNEWS #fchucktodd etc, that do NOT comply & will NOT obey #Communist #Fascist #Unconstitutional #Mandates and BACK OFF!
# WHO declares #MonkeyPox a #Global public health “emergency” – they have NO right or authority to do anything at us! YOU GIVE ONCE INCH, KISS AMERICA GOOD BYE!
#finalcallamerica #wakeupamerica -

WORD UP MY PEOPLE is that the 2020 election has been overturned by the SCOTUS and will be announced once our Great Military moves their families around the world to safety.
Thank God and his Army of Angels, digital and foot soldiers...
It going to be a GLORIOUS YEAR ahead.

This is one step toward neutering agencies and their unelected bureaucrats.
"...the “major-questions” doctrine – the idea that if Congress wants to give an administrative agency the power to make “decisions of vast economic and political significance,” it must say so clearly. Roberts’ full-throated embrace of the major-questions doctrine – a judicially created approach to statutory interpretation in challenges to agency authority – likely will have ripple effects far beyond the EPA. His reasoning applies to any major policymaking effort by federal agencies."

This overturns most gun control schemes of the modern era.
"Courts must first analyze the Second Amendment’s text, and then consult history to determine whether the regulation is consistent with America’s tradition of firearm regulation.
While historical material from before, during, and after the Founding may be considered, the Second Amendment’s “meaning is fixed according to the understandings of those who ratified it.” Moreover, “not all history is created equal.” Founding-era history is paramount; 20th century history is irrelevant."

This has the potential to radically change education for the better in this country. People must make sure in their state that no strings can be attached by diverting the money before it enters the system.

"when state and local governments choose to subsidize private schools, they must allow families to use taxpayer funds to pay for religious schools."

ALPHABET AGENCIES (Cops Of Communism) get wings clipped in SCOTUS ruling - including ATF

Supreme Court Deals Death Blow To ATF Regulatory Authority - YouTube

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Why Do The #Woke Hate #SCOTUS Associate Justice #ClarenceThomas So Much? Thomas, being #AfricanAmerican , is seen as a traitor to the woke cause.

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