John Houk @johnhouk
26 August, 08:36
Be Brave Like our Founders to Resist Tyranny!

SUMMARY: Paul S. Gardiner has an interesting post on the state of existence in the United States of America entitled, “The Second American Civil War, and Ways to Win It.” Peaceful activism but be ready to RESIST Leftist violence & injustice.

The Left uses BLM/Antifa Communist violent means to an end. A Corrupt Judicial System exonerates Leftist crimes & prosecutes American Patriotism. MORE TO READ:
John Houk @johnhouk
26 July, 10:20
Memory Lane Might Not Have Been Perfect, BUT was Much Simpler

A summary of simpler days such as No cell phones. No Internet. Newspaper route. Neighborhood baseball games. AND THEN Cultural Marxism twists simpler days. 3-Paths to resist current tyranny:

1) Noncompliance to godless laws & unconstitutional edicts.

2) 1776 Path.

3) How the Early Christians ended Roman persecution path.

John Houk @johnhouk
29 June, 08:40
Could be Time to Apply 1776 Solutions to 21st Century Tyranny

I put on my Bitchute Channel a video I found on Telegram under the name, “LADY SPEAKS TRUTH NOT NEWSPEAK.” I literally have no idea who she is but it was one of the most awesome two-minutes & 50-seconds I’ve watched in a long time. Then I share a John Whitehead post with Independence Day implications for the 21st Century. WATCH THEN READ:
#1776Solutions #ResistTyranny
Clifton Hodges @cliftonhodges
21 February, 07:37
John Houk @johnhouk
01 February, 09:26
The Govt Is Betraying the American People

Here are Justin Smith’s sentiments on how a lawless govt ships Illegal Aliens into the USA giving an amplified meaning to the old Communist adage of spread the wealth by transporting Illegals secretly to various locations:
#IllegalAliensFloodAmerica #ResistTyranny

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