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Ailing Joe Biden Crashes His Bike While On Regular Weekend Vacation in Delaware, Just Like He Crashed Economy:

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EVERYTHING That Made America Great is being replaced with FAKEianity: A hokey, God-free religion where all is done to look good so we can keep borrowing instead of working.

#KHAZARolatry #UN -$u$tainable

Majority of Trump Voters Think Americans Are Being Deliberately Replaced With Immigrants

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

It will never return to the 'right wing' / republicans
This was one of the goals to Non white Mass Migration (mass replacement)

Get imported replaced population hooked on
Hand outs
Free pass

The Anti-Semitic Great Replacement "Theory" - Tell Your Neighbors

Jen Psaki leaving White House in just days, replaced by lesbian living with CNN gal

All White Nations are under going White Replacement + White Genocide

" Demographics in the United States are changing such that white people will no longer be in the majority by around 2045 "


* Hart Cellar Act
- Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

* USA 1950 Census of Population

#Replaced #demographics #Mass -Migration #race #Nation #culture #identity #HartCellarAct #diversity #agenda21 #2030 #NW

UK is run by Anti Whites & World Jewery

The {system} wants Whites
* White Genocide
* Whites Replaced
* Whites Unhealthy
* Whites Brainwashed
* Whites Watered down, mixed , IQ lowered

Teachers telling 10 year old kids to talk to fathers about cum and penis's
State ""education"" in 2022

Keep voting GOYIM
since its worked so well for the last 5-25-55-255 years
I'm sure it will magically change the direction of World Government in 2030

#tax #voting #state #government #sheeple #education #schools
#statism #Wealth -Redistribution #Mind -Control #brainwashing

What about the wamans
Not all Niggas
ISLAM is a region of (peace)

Why should Whites and White Nations be forced to

and put up with Non white people in our nation

Especially when our White Nation is run by people that
Hate White People
Hate White Society
Hate White Values
Hate White Nationalism

Which are loyal to Israel , Jews, Zionism , Judaism
Which want White Genocide, White Replacement,Whites to be REPLACED by Non Whites

When have blacks come together as a group to

Build a Black Town
Build a Black Community
Build a Black Farm
Build a Black School
Build a Black Bank
without Grants, handouts or gov help

Fuck black people
Go back to Africa

It was Jews, Muslims Arabs and White Kike Traitors that bought you to white nations

Wiping off the blood: To oppose Ukraine war, Russians adopt new national flag
The new flag is almost the same as the original. The only difference is that it has replaced the red band at the bottom with a second white band. |

The U.S. Dollar is on the way out. This is why they are spending us into bankruptcy, it will be replaced.
Biden is planning a new digital currency. Here's why you should be very worried.

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