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Reminder, check out both my websites to start the week, My Internet Radio Station website, now back up on a limited basis due to lack of donations - #RadioAmericaUSA (1 video sermon & 1 audio sermon) and my personal website where I take the enemies to the woodshed as I am negotiating with potential affiliates where you can buy health products from the we

Pastor Randy Parker: #kjv #Sermon #BibleStudy #Bible - Paul, The Out of Place Apostle Part 4 - on Now on My Internet Radio Station Website, #RadioAmericaUSA -

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I closed my Internet Radio Station - Radio America USA - DUE TO NO DONATIONS & NO FUNDING THIS 2021 YEAR! - the pay pal button is still up, If I do not get at least 500 dollars immediately to get the website back up, bandwidth, storage, etc. It is over, you will have to find others for real free speech!

I have had it, I gave up, I

Pastor Randy Parker - #kjv #Sermon #BibleStudy - Paul, The Out of Place #Apostle 2 - on NOW on my Internet Radio Station Website, #RadioAmericaUSA - - Please Donate of possible, funds needed to keep the site going - Pay Pal Button the Left Sidebar

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We Are Engaged In A Major #Psyop Because We Didn't Deliver Justice Because Of The Last One - On NOW on My Internet Radio Station - #RadioAmericaUSA - Please Scroll to the 2nd Show -

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New Show Added on Radio America USA my Internet Radio Station! This is an AUDIO show of "God Said Man Said" when you get to, please scroll down to this

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