02 August, 07:01
DOXXING COMMIE$: These Traitor$ voted against your Constitutional right to defend yourself - if ANY of them CLAIM to represent you, they REALLY $tump For Bloomberg, & it’s time to remove them!
These 18 Traitors Voted For The AWB & Are Vulnerable THIS NOVEMBER! - YouTube

Sight Mark: https://sightmark.comFreedom Garage: Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121Find YOUR US Repre...

02 August, 06:49
DOXXING COMMIE$: Two Khazar-Felating, Bloomberg-bought POPEublican$ voted against your right to self-defense - do everything you possibly can to remove them from office!
2 Republicans In Favor of Banning AR-15s Is The Reason It Passed The House - YouTube

Brian Fitzpatrick Chris Jacobs AR-15 want you to meet Brian Fitzpatrick and Chris Jacobs. These two Rinos are the reason the AR-15 Ban...

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