We Are Engaged In A Major #Psyop Because We Didn't Deliver Justice Because Of The Last One - On NOW on My Internet Radio Station - #RadioAmericaUSA - Please Scroll to the 2nd Show - www.radioamericausa.com

🦠 Former Army Psyops Details COVID Action Plan!

#AlexJones takes calls from US Military veterans and personnel who expose the #COVID action plan of authoritarians clamping down on the public with medical #MartialLaw .

🌐 FreeWorldNews.tv - https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=611c2999455384592c894ced

In response For Liberty to his Publication

This is a False Flag...main reason for the reinstatement of masks is for the upcoming Riots....they used the same tactics when the riots broke out after the Floyd incident. Everyone of the rioters are going to wear masks and dressed in MAGA/Patriot Gear (aka Jan 6) so identities are covered from cameras. Psyop again by the DS Cabal Spread the word...Do Not Get Involved..STAY HOME... NCSWIC

Newsmax: Trump on McConnell, Biden and Fauci, what he'd do in a possible 2nd term [26.05.2021]
Note: Another planned Psyop ? I hope not... But i strongly suspects that Trump is also a Satanist, just as SMHP and KJ Ozborne says and documents...

Learn the Psyop to Sterilize Children Through Gender Identity Programming

Alex Jones breaks down the psychological operation to use gender identity as a way to sterilize and mutilate children. https://banthis.tv/watch?id=609460ef57a5a11573e26553

Q are Probally also a #Psyop .
I wanna see it before I believe it.
"Your Silent gives consents." - Plato
"Silence implies/means consent."
"He who is silent appears to consent."

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