I’m so aggravated with the entire Sleepy Joe Administration and their critical agenda pertaining to our country!!! Fear & panic should not be an everyday experience for citizens that are loyally trying to uphold laws and regulations, while paying outrageous taxes & overly inflated prices, who simply

Another Terrible Decision

US authorities move to double tariffs on Canadian lumber despite a meteoric rise in prices and demand


Biden Economy

Restaurants raising prices across the country due to inflation

Inflation across all items has grown to 4.2% over the last 12 months


Bidenomics on hold? Poor economic reports raise caution flags for massive spending plans
Market economists warn of weakened recovery and rising prices, even as Fed chairman counsels calm.

Get Ready for War: When Oil Prices Spike, The Economy Will Crash


Hilarious! Gas Station Puts Hunter Biden Meme on Their Sign, ‘Hope Gas Prices Don’t Get Too High’


Death By Inflation, Food Prices Explode!

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HERE WE GO: Biden Admin Warns Spending Trillions Is Going to Lead to Rising Prices and Inflation.

#WarRoom LIVE: Food Prices Skyrocketing As Global Destabilization And Eugenics Plans Go Public!

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In response zoltan 4C™ to his Publication

I sell scap metal at the local scrap yard every couple months. With fuel prices going up, metals prices are going up as well.

This is how Democrats and liberal reasons! "If Trump hadn't made gas prices so low we wouldn't notice the higher gas prices now"

The highest fuel prices we have ever seen are in our future within the next 12-18 months. Thanks to His Fraudulency's America last agenda.


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